Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I'm pretty crazy about candles.  Maybe not crazy but biased.  From Thanksgiving until Christmas, I only like the Nest Holiday candle.  From Christmas until now I've been burning an amazing candle that is local to Charlotte that my friend Lauren gave me...obsessed.  

This past weekend I pulled this baby out which I like to call it my signature scent.  If you have been coming to my condo since 2005, you've smelled this smell at some point.

Lollia Wish

It is the perfect Spring scent and I get a new one almost every year...I burn it that much.  It says it last 56 hours but it lasts a season for me.  Charlotte ladies - Bedside Manor carries them.  Or you can order here. $34.  I also have the perfume which smells the same.  

I know, it's a lot to spend on a candle but it's well worth it!  Happy Spring!


  1. I love Lollia products; they are so beautiful! I have a Volupsa candle that I buy from Anthropologie which I love. Cheers to having a signature scent!

  2. Lollia products are always SO pretty!!

  3. My mom absolutely loves candles and I think I want to get her a few for Mother's Day. Would you happen to know where I can buy classic candles online? I think I will get one that smells like coconuts and another that smells like roses.