Monday, December 9, 2013

Tis the Season

Tis the season indeed.  It was a wonderful and festive weekend.

Started out volunteering at the Holiday Home Tour.  It was Tara's and my 6th year doing it and it was crazy.  Isn't her gold Kate Spade bow clutch adorable?  Mine is a J. Crew one from Santa a few years ago! ;)

The homeowner where we volunteered thought we needed to try his moonshine.  Because that was a good idea.  Or not.  I must was really good.  

We went to meet up with Kevin and one of his friends.  We thought his buddy's wife was going to be there...come to find out by 3 gummy bear shots for the ladies (bought by him) to celebrate....she is 9.5 weeks pregnant and wasn't feeling good.  SO happy for them and I'll announce their names when she gets a bit further along.  I don't think it's public information yet!

We got to see Kim on the tour.  I think these pictures may be out of order...!

Then we went and met up with some other friends at Connolly's.

Amazingly we made it to Dandelion.  Chaos my friends.  Chaos.  We don't have big nights out like this often but when we do....we do!  Of course we stayed at our condo uptown.  No driving!

We actually boarded Mills for the night.  It was like this...he could be at home all day by himself on Friday while we worked then we take him uptown and he be miserable...OR, I could take him to Camp on Friday morning and he could play with all of his friends for the day and night.  It was an easy decision and he loved it. 

We grabbed him on the way home Saturday morning and this is how our day looked.  He was SO tired.  And so were Kevin and I.  Lots of napping.

Saturday night we had Kevin's parents over for Shrimp Creole MamaSal style and then we drove around and looked at lights.  I forgot to mention in our Thanksgiving post how many neighborhoods that my parents, Kevin and I drove around.  But a lot!  We looked at a lot of Christmas lights!  It was fun.  So we decided to take Kevin's parents around our neighborhood and we ooooo'd and ahhhhh'd!  

Sunday I ran some mileage in the freezing rain because I felt so guilty about my Friday night performance.  I needed to exercise.  I'll put it that way.

That evening we had our company Christmas party at Ruth's Chris.  Good times!

Here's to a busy and exciting week!


  1. You two look so sharp in that last photo! You both clean up nice :) And I totally know what you mean about having to exercise after a big night out - it's the best detox!

  2. I wish I had come uptown to see y'all on sounded like a blast! Thanks for taking care of my hubby :)

    You look SO FAB in that outfit! Love the top with those cute pants. I bet dinner was perfection, as usual.

  3. Okay you look GORGEOUS in the Ruths Chris photo! Oh my word! That should be your go-to outfit this season. :)

  4. I totally agree with April! Love your look in the Ruth's Chris pic! Hair, outfit, shoes, everything! xoxo! Randi

  5. Sounds like such a fun weekend! You look darling in that last pic of you and Kev. Love your outfit! Wish I could drive around town to look at lights! So fun. Xoxo!

  6. Y'all always have so much fun! I love your last outfit!

  7. That is a big weekend! I use to take Buddy to camp all the time when he was a puppy and that age too.
    Saved my life on the weekends because he would just sleep instead of chewing the house up! HAAA!!