Friday, December 20, 2013

Five on Friday - Christmas and More

Linking up with April and Christina for a Christmas edition of Five on Friday!

ONE - Mills loves speaking with his grandparents over FaceTime.  This night he watched the train go around and around their tree.  It was way too cute!

TWO - I don't ever want to forget our first Christmas tree. Our skirt is from fabric I got at Mary Jo's but the skirt I've been wanting finally went on sale at Pottery Barn and is on our way to us.  It'll be exciting to put it out next year!  We also learned a lot about getting a tree.  Next year we'll get a taller one and we'll take a SUV to get it instead of it riding on my car and hoping it doesn't fall off!

THREE - Charlotte airport is always decked out!  A tree of poinsettias.  

FOUR - my nieces all went to The Polar Express in the North Carolina mountains last weekend.  I love the pictures I got sent!  How cute are the three of them?!

FIVE - We have family Christmas with Kevin's family tonight and we're really looking forward to that!  Let the festivities begin!


  1. love that the dog face times! my parents' dog sends me cards in the mail.

  2. Enjoy your holidays!! I love that you already burned your tree. How fun :)

  3. Okay, Mills is too darn cute! And I love the tree from the airport!! I hope you have a fabulous holiday my dear! xo

  4. hope you have a GREAT Christmas and that Santa is good to Mills :)

  5. My tree was thrown in my trunk for the short ride home! I can't imagine having to drive far with a little car.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. Wait? you already burned your tree??

  7. The airport looks beautiful, yay Charlotte! I am glad it was like that for the troops' arrival home yesterday.

    Safe travels and have fun tonite!

  8. I love that Mills facetimes, ha!

    Your tree is pretty!

  9. We tried to get Moe (our goldendoodle) to Facetime but I think he is too neurotic... he started running in circles and licking the ipad. Have a very merry Christmas!!!