Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Decorations

I decorated before Thanksgiving this year which was crazy.  I'm a true believer in waiting until after Thanksgiving but I really had fun doing it the weekend before, this year.  Honestly it was a relief for it to be done, we could relax more during Thanksgiving and we could enjoy the decorations for longer.  I did wait for Mom on some of the decorations...we have a tradition of doing our wreath and mailbox Thanksgiving weekend.  She helped me fine tune the rest of them as well.  Take a peak....

Our front door painting still isn't done...you can see maroon around the outside if you look closely.  Of course I'm sure I'm the only one who notices.  It should be finished by today.

Now for the inside..

Basket for holiday cards.  Nest candle.  Essential to the season!

Breakfast table.  I still need to get a red tablecloth according to my Mom.

This was something new we did this year.  I picked up gold and silver trees random places and got the runner at HomeGoods.

Found some gold pinecones at CVS.

This was our first Christmas tree.  I thought an angel should be on top because that's how I grew up....Kevin thought a star should be on top because that's how he grew up.  Ladies and gents - I present to you - Marriage Compromise.  We have a star on top!

And I hate our tree skirt.  It may change in the next few weeks pending Kevin's compromise with our Amex bill haha.  I have only found one in this entire world that I like.  And I've checked EVERYWHERE.

Mom "let me borrow" her Dickens Village last year.  It has not returned to Maryland.

Our foyer table.

Mom made that little Christmas tree for me back in 2008 for when my condo was on the 4th Ward Holiday Home Tour.

This is on the bookshelves of our Den.  

Football game on = best time to take pics...not.  I was not allowed to turn it off per Dad and Kev.

Holiday books.  Mills' hat and bowtie collar.  Duh.


I put this lil tree up in our room this year.  Last year this was our Christmas tree.  Mom and I tied gold ribbon on some of the branches...they are our ornaments!

Guest half bath.  The tree, sleigh and stocking are all old school decorations my Mom always used at home.  I love having them at our home now.

Now you can really see the outline of the front door that hasn't been painted.  I love a good old classic Boxwood Wreath.  Here it is - all 30" of it!  Perfection.  There are two spot lights that shine on our door for to highlight it.  It really makes a big impact on the house and looks classy, if I do say so myself!
Mailbox!  Leftovers from the bottom of our tree, some cranberries, always gotta have gold
"ting ting" and a bow!

Maybe you all got some ideas?  I'd love to see what you all have done in your home!


  1. It all looks so awesome! I plan to have everything decorated by this weekend! I'm sending my sister to Trader Joe's today because I hear that they sell boxwood wreaths for like $10! What!??!

  2. Holy cow your house looks GREAT!!! I have a fun snarky cocktail napkin similar to the green one you have that says "I"ll be home for Christmas, and in therapy the next day" haha

  3. Everything looks fabulous! Can't wait to see it in person!

  4. So festive! Wow, makes me realize I have basically no decorations. Can't wait to see it next week!

  5. I just started decorating. Hope to have everything done by the end of the weekend. I need a tree! And a bigger living room :)

  6. All we have up is our tree and a wreath on our door. Loving all of your decor!

  7. Ooooh, so pretty, and I can't wait to see it next week in person!

  8. I started decorating early this year too! We have such similar taste - basket for cards and the classic look outside with wreaths and candles in the window. My mom, however, has not agreed to let me "borrow" her Dickens Village yet...I'll have to mention that :)

  9. Love all of this! Can't wait to see it at the meetup. Your tree is so pretty. I grew up with angels and absolutely refuse to compromise on it. Since we are moving on the 20th and then traveling on the 24th, I'm not decorating this year. :(

  10. I love all of your little details...those napkins are too cute!! And the boxwood wreath is gorge!

  11. I adore the trees on your dining table. Such a wonderful idea...I'm going to start searching for some trees for my own table now!