Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had a fun Thanksgiving weekend and I hope you all did too!

Mills was waiting for his grandparents bright and early on Wednesday morning.  They weren't due to arrive until that afternoon.  He was SO excited.

They flew in and we came on home to see the boy.  I'm not sure who was more excited...them or Mills.  Heck with Kevin and I.  We know where we rank.  Wednesday night we just had chili at home and chilled out.

Thursday morning came early and Dad and I headed up to Southpark to meet Tara to run the 8k Turkey Trot.  It was literally almost a joke because of how out of shape Tara and I are right now but we thought it'd be fun anyway.  5 miles is always doable.

And we did it.  Tara forced me to keep running.  I'm glad she did.

Poppa and Mills!

We went to Kevin's parents club for Thanksgiving dinner.  Here are my parents..

And most importantly...

Mom said ohhh no I don't need anything else...until Dad put this apple cobbler in front of her.  Gone!

We were fortunate to spend it with both of our sets of parents.  

I had brought a baggy with me and put a piece of turkey and a piece of prime rib in it for Mills.  He had Thanksgiving when we got home!  Oh boy he was happy!  I was trying to make him be easy when I gave it to him.  Haha, yeah right!

Thanksgiving night, we didn't have dinner but we did open a nice bottle of wine!  It was really good!

Friday morning started early....J. Crew, Mom was on a mission to find me some clothes!  Look at her!

We got to meet Tara and her Mom for lunch at Roosters.  What a treat, complete with a mid-day glass of wine!  The company was better!

Gosh all yall are going to think we did was drink...but I promise we only had one drink a day!  We each had our drink of choice for cocktail hour!

Then we went to Kabutos for dinner.  My parents hadn't been to a Japanese Steakhouse since they were engaged...40+ years ago.

Saturday we went to a wonderful establishment for dinner - 521 BBQ.  It was good and necessary for them to experience!

Sunday "we" (aka Kevin and Dad) just did things around the house and Mom and I scooted out to Talbots, HomeGoods and the mall for a second time.  

Mom and I finished decorating for Christmas and I'll be posting pictures tomorrow!  We ended the weekend with French Onion Soup and salads at our favorite - Rippingtons.

I was sad to take them to the airport this morning but we'll be seeing them in a few weeks for Christmas.  Tis the season!


  1. You guys did some eating out! We don't eat out too much. We just cook.
    Looks like fun and I think it's awesome that you guys are able to do holidays with both sets of parents :)

  2. Look at y'alls moms together in that lunch picture, SO cute!

  3. I've never been to a Japanese steakhouse! That's nice you didn't have to cook and those mashed potatoes look delicious.

  4. How awesome for the parents to be together!

  5. There are so any things I love about this post--the 8k, the picture of your dad laying down and playing with mills and the cakebread wine! It all looks so fun and relaxing!