Thursday, December 12, 2013

Five on Friday. iPhone Style

Checking in from the ole iPhone today.  Here's my five on Friday!

1.  How cute are my nieces?!  I'm not biased at all but come on!

2.  Two of our favorite ornaments!

3.  Every now and then a girlfriend of yours may need these napkins and a bottle of wine!  (Wow I'm big into cocktail napkins this week!)

4.  Fabric shopping at Mary Jo's.  Looking for fabric for couch pillows.  I found (and bought) gorgeous fabric for my porch pillows that go in our non-existent seagrass chairs!  One day!  At least I'll have the pillows...!

5.  Visited two different construction sites this week for work.  Both muddy and gross.  My cowboy boots have seen better days.  So fun though!

We have some more holiday festivities this weekend and I'm excited.  We also have A LOT of leaves to blow.  Kevin is on it!  

Cheers friends!


  1. Love the Santa picture and LOVE the ornaments! I may also be a little biased as we jus thad our ornament exchange the other day : ) The ornament with your puppy on it is too cute!! So nice meeting up Wednesday! xo