Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - last weekend!

Wedding Wednesday has turned into what we did last weekend.  For this one week only haha!
Last weekend on Friday night we were supposed to go to the Avenue holiday party at Basil.  They had rented it out and had drinks and buffet style on the house or our homeowners due, however you want to look at it. 
As much as we wanted to go, we were just exhausted from the week and my fam being in town the night before.  The holiday party is special for Kevin and I as we used to go to it together back in 2007 and 2008 before we even started dating.  But this time, we had to miss it.  I went home from work early and Kevin came home and he brought pizza.  We sat on the couch with Mills in our laps and just CHILLED.  It was extremely necessary.  I mean when do you all ever hear me say we skipped something to do nothing?  Never.
Anyway Saturday we went back uptown and moved some stuff out of Kevin's condo.  That evening we went to dinner at the classy establishment of Lonestar.  It was actually really good and something different for us.  For one, Kevin and I never go out to dinner just the two of us, nor do we go to Lonestar.  But I must say the steak, baked potato and salad for $12.99 was a steal! 
Afterwards we went to his parent's church for their Streets of Bethlehem production.  It really is amazing how much work goes into it.  It's truly like you're on the streets of Bethlehem back then.  His Dad was a begger....hilarious!
Sunday we lounged around and got some things done at the house.  Then we headed uptown to watch the Panthers game at The Corner Pub.  Mills wanted to come to hang out too!  He had the best time.  And everyone LOVED him.  We met up with Tara, Emily, Michael and other friends of Kevin's showed up too.  It turned into chaos but I survived amazingly.  Kevin, hardly.
So many people we didn't know touched Mills so of course I gave him a lil jacuzzi bath when we got home.  Kevin said he hated it but I think he liked it! :)
Mills and I had popcorn for dinner while Kevin snored at 7:30pm.  Told you he hardly made it.
Mills reviewed the mail last night on our kitchen island.  (please oh please can we win the lottery so we can change that backsplash)
Mama pleaseeee pick up my favorite toys for me.  You only did it 1,000 times before now so why can't you do it one more time?!!
Are yall sick of Mills' pictures yet?  I'm trying not to be too annoying but come on, he's perfect!  Ha!  I just don't want to be that blogger that yall are like, "geez all she does is post pictures of that puppy!"


  1. Mills has to be the cutest puppy ever.. keep the pictures coming!! We had a golden when I was little and they just have the best personalities in the world!!

  2. OBSESSED with your dog. Seriously.

  3. No! Keep the puppy pictures coming! :)

  4. No!!! I'm loving the Mills pictures! So cute!

  5. I'll keep telling you but keep the pics of Mills coming!!! I love seeing his lil face! Glad you had a good weekend!! We used to sit outside at bread co (panera) when our lab was a puppy just for socialization and she loved seeing everyone!

  6. The bowl of popcorn reminds me of our days in your basement...when we were like 6. ;) Good times.

  7. No way! Mills is the cutest and it's amazing at how fast he's already grown just from the few pictures you've already put up.