Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Secret Gifting

Do any of you all give to someone you know or maybe you don't know, anonymously?
There is a couple in our lives that is going to give a substantial amount of money to someone they know this year.  They don't want a single person to know that they are doing it.  They just know that this person is very deserving and gives back to the church and community.  So they'll get the money to this person anonymously and make their year or even their life!  What an amazing thing, right?! 
I wish I had the funds to do this.  Kevin and I talk often about how we want to do this sort of thing one day when we get a bit more settled.  I'm glad he and I are on the same page with giving back.  We'd rather give it to someone we KNOW not an agency where you never know what will be done with it. 
It reminds me of that show Secret Millionaire.  Did you all watch that?  Basically a millionaire goes and lives in a community for a couple weeks and does service work.  He or she finds the organizations that is doing really good things and making a difference.  Then at the end of the week, he surprises them with a huge check. 
It also reminds me of a group in Charlotte that over the past few years in December went around and randomly handed $100 bills out to strangers.  They showed reactions on the news and it's just unbelievable how much people freak out over $100.  While it may not seem like much (or maybe it does these days!) to you and I, it really impacts people.  It makes them be able to turn their power back on or go buy a suit to interview in.  You never know what is going on in people's lives.
Tis the season.....to give back.  Whether it's with your time or money.  It's worth it.  And more power to the couple in our lives that is about to make someone SO happy with their thoughtfulness. 


  1. It is the season to give back. I try to do so in small ways, but to do it on the scale of your friend would be amazing!

  2. Brad and I have talked about doing this too.
    We need to get on it.