Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Home Tour - 2012 Edition

Two posts in one day.  I have a lot to talk about this week.  And I still need to show you all my Christmas decorations.  Eek!  That may be next week!
Every year I volunteer for the Holiday Home Tour in the 4th Ward area of uptown Charlotte.  Since my condo was on the tour in 2008, it's been something I love to do.  It's always the first weekend of December.  Tara's Mom is very involved in 4th Ward so Tara volunteers too and we always make a fun evening out of it!
Tara and her sweet Mom!
Dee came through the tour too!  She is 39.5 weeks pregnant and WALKED all over 4th Ward.  Go ahead girl!!!! 
Her hubby Brad was a good sport.  He put on his "blog smile" as he called it and had his picture taken with Dee.  Presch!  But then retreated to the back deck.  Ha!
After our 5-9pm shift was over, we went to Alexander Michael's which is a local watering hole for a cocktail and dinner!  I stayed uptown at Avenue and cruised back to the burbs for lots of yard work on Saturday!
Always enjoy the holiday home tour and it seems to get me in the Christmas spirit every year!


  1. How fun! My hometown has a holiday home tour and I love it!!!

  2. If you can get deets from Tara about that adorable green blouse, please pass along! :)

  3. Where is that Black lace top from? You look great, and too funny about Brad. I can totally see him out there.

  4. Dee needs to get that baby out somehow!

    Looks like fun.

  5. Good times! Love the picture of Brad! LOL!!!