Monday, December 17, 2012

Fun Weekend!

We had a low key weekend. Kevin made a fire Friday night and we ordered Chinese. Saturday I took Mills back to the vet (he's feeling better now) and to my bossman's house to play with his dog (she and Mills are from the same breeder). Look at Mills go!  I think this is an awesome picture! 
Mills went for his first swim in their pool.  I think he really liked it although it probably scared him when he jumped in and went completely under.  He did doggie paddle though!  He'll do anything to get a chuckit ball which was in the pool. 
Saturday night we had Kevin's parents over for dinner.  I set some snack stuff out and made a corn appetizer (one can of corn drained, one can of creamed corner and one block of cream cheese.  all mixed and bake at 350 for 20 min.  serve with fritos - AMAZING). 
I had made French Onion Soup and then we did a make your own salad.  I got a few differen types of lettuce and lots of toppings - chicken that I baked ahead of time, goat and feta cheese, mushrooms, green peppers, grape tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, celery, avocado and a yum ranch dressing.
They brought over some coconut cake they had and it was such a treat after a big dinner!
Yesterday we chilled and I took Mills for his first run.  He was SO tired last night.  He actually fell off the ottoman that he was sleeping on ha!  Of course he was fine.  He's also fallen off the bed.  Crazy pooch!
His royal highness!  I mean really?  On the couch AND head on the pillows?  SPOILED rotten!
Did yall watch the bachelorette wedding last night of Ashley and JP?  It was really good!
I'm excited for this week to go by quickly and head to Maryland for Christmas.  Let the countdown begin!


  1. That first picture of Mills is awesome! I watched the wedding last night and between the horrible tragedy this weekend and the extreme sweetness of the wedding, I could not keep it together! I'm afraid I'll be a hot mess come March 30th!

  2. looks fun and what adorable pups!! <3

  3. LOVE the puppy pictures! The ornament swap sounds like tons of fun also. It makes me miss the south! Well, except what the humidity does to my hair! ha! Enjoy your trip to MD!

  4. These pictures are so cute and Mills is absolutely adorable! xx