Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - BM Dress, Colors and Picture

I'm not sure I've ever shared the details behind the bridesmaid's dresses! 
They are by Lula Kate out of Charleston and I think they are super cute.  I really want one too!
The style is Chandler (as shown below but you can see on the website HERE) with the 3" detatched waist and the pencil skirt with two pleats.  After lots of going back and forth we decided on the pencil instead of a more a-line skirt.  We just felt like overall, it was most flattering on this dress and my girls. 
The dress is basically a cocktail dress, one that I'd definitely wear to a holiday party or another wedding or a dressy night out on the town.  I think it's easily dressed up or down depending on jewelry.
another wedding party in the Chandler dress
The color of my girl's dresses is called Emerald but it's more blue-ish emerald if that makes sense.  It isn't green green.  Know what I mean?  We'll pair light coral/peachy flowers with it and have some light champagne accents.  The girls are going to wear nude pumps.  They go with everything right?  I'm not picky about a certain shoe...that's overboard for me....but I know the girls will wear their shoes again if they have to buy them special for this occasion! 
I think with pearl stud earrings and no necklace, it'll just be perfect...and classic!
And thankfully, I'm not going to be disowned by my mother.  I finally got a picture taken of me and hopefully it'll be okay for the engagement announcement in the paper.  She gave me a strict deadline of this past Sunday and I met it haha.  It really should have been in the paper in October but as you all know, I just had a few things going on then.  :) 


  1. Love the picture! Your dresses sound great. :)

  2. Love the dress and the color scheme!! I definitely am with you on the nude heels...I think that's what I'll ask my girls to wear.

    Great picture for the paper!