Friday, December 29, 2023

End of Year Review

This is always a fun post to do each year. It's good to recap the year and see what our highlights were!

And let me tell you, most of this blog is a highlight reel. Life is not full of sunshine, beach and roses all of the time. In fact, this year hasn't been great in a lot of ways. It's been tough with some family and friends that are like family fighting big things. It also hasn't been perfect under our roof. Always growing. And work hasn't been easy this year for either of us. But we keep pushing through. 

Most days I see a lot of light. Every day is a good day and every year is a good year. But bad things happen in those days and years. There is always hope. Find the good in every day. There is always something positive if you look for it! Sometimes you really gotta look!

Okay here are my happy highlights:

January - we had a really nice weekend in OIB and Pawleys. I remember this being very fun!

February - Turks and Caicos trip to Beaches with our friends

March - a Charlotte weekend celebrating Hilary's birthday and Grady's teeball 

April - a Maryland Easter and an OIB spring break 

May - Grady is 5 and a boat 

June - Hawaii and Swim Team

July - Molly Anne is 8, Asheville wedding and good news on Mills

August - Grady learned how to ride his bike in Maryland (and hasn't stopped since) and first days of kindergarten and 3rd grade

September - a great OIB weekend 

October - Fall weekending 

November - Greenbrier for our friend's 40th and Thanksgiving with family 

See you back here in 2024! I'm looking forward to my 15th year of blogging (whoa!) and hope to grow in this space more! 

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