Friday, December 8, 2023

Five on Friday - Week Catchup

It has been a festive and fun week! I love December. 

ONE - I had a favorite things party with friends on Tuesday night at Foxcroft and we set a limit of $10 and we each brought three of the same. I brought mini bottles of La Marca and mini Working Hands lotion for friends to keep in their car. That's the best place to put lotion on because you're stationary for awhile and not washing your hands! 

This is what I ended up with!  Heat-less Curling SetArgan Oil and a spa set with a headband and wrist puffs so when you're washing your face water doesn't go down your sleeve! 

My friends. Our kids went to daycare together in the 3's. We've stayed friends since and get together often. Missing two in the group!

TWO - got the fence finished at the beach this week. Looking spiffy in the backyard. But the fun never stops. Working on a couple drainage issues now. 

THREE - got the good camera pictures back from our Santa Brunch!

FOUR - Molly Anne loves this Santa puppy more than words can say!

FIVE - they're always watching!! I'm trying to get to 5,000 peloton minutes for 2023. I've never been in this big of a crunch but I played a lot more tennis this year and that doesn't count! I have a 258 week streak going of working out in some capacity each week! Whoop!

SIX - we had cookie decorating at school on Wednesday night - so fun!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I love December too! So much going on, but its just the best in my opinion - a kind of hectic I enjoy!