Thursday, December 28, 2023

Christmas Day

We had to wake Grady up at 7:30 on Christmas morning! He has been so tired with all of the excitement!

Molly Anne's first look!

I think she was more excited for Grady than anything. Her big gift from my parents and us was a desk. And that was big in every way. So she didn't have a ton under the tree but she's getting to that age. She isn't as into toys and she's more into THINGS so to speak. 

Santa did leave her an AG basketball court. 

This was her face when we told her that the big box in the garage was a desk for her!

Stockings were good this year. Santa spent a lot of time deciding specifically what to do for each. I was glad about that!

A drum set. Sorta!

Grady and Dad loved making a fire. They did this several times. Grady would go and get more wood and loved putting it by the fire. 

Kevin's family came over later in the afternoon for a bit. The kids loved showing them all of their new things!

Even got mom to stir the cream of crab soup. 

PBK didn't ship the hutch by accident so that is coming next week!

Molly Anne and I surely got our mileage out of the Festive shirts via Lilly!

They always love reading together. This time an engineering book that Ms. Julie gave her!

Always good times and glad my parents were able to join! And then...about 9:30pm, we took the tree out!! Goodbye tree! Over it ha!!

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