Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Santa Brunch

Santa Brunch is always one of my favorite events that our club does. It's just so much fun with the children. 

Grady's blazer, VV Breaker pants and shoes in case you're looking for any. His button down is TBBC from last year. Getting two years out of it woohoo!

Molly Anne's outfit is all J. Crew Factory but none of it is in stock at the moment.

My dress is old school J. Crew when they made classic shift dresses that you could wear for years and years. 

They loved meeting Santa. Molly Anne's top request is Taylor Swift tickets (she's gonna be disappointed!) and Grady's top request is the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage.

It's been funny to see the change in my kids talking with Santa. Grady is the first one to start talking now. He just goes on and on. Molly Anne tries to get a word in because she doesn't have a shy bone in her body and it's just a hoot!

Fun getting in the holiday spirit!

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