Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Our Weekend

Playing catch up.  I needed a break for sure!  I still want to capture some big events over the past couple of weeks which I'll do this week or next.  This past weekend was a fun one so thought I'd start there.

Thursday afternoon swim class!  Girlfriend looks forward to this every week!  The second we walk out of the building, she asks when she gets to go back!  I want her to learn to swim for real this year so that's what we are doing!

Orange day at school on Friday!  Thanks to my SIL for this cute turtle dress!

Saturday morning we got a wild hair and ran to Lowes to get some flowers to plant.  She has been learning about plants and flowers growing at school so I'm trying to tie some of that together for her.  She LOVED doing this and the whole thing probably took an hour and a half. 

After nap play time.  Mills is THE BEST.  

Trying on his baptism outfit!  Can you even?

That afternoon my friend asked to meet us at the playground and I just said come on over here and hang in the driveway with us.  And a couple other neighborhood friends joined and we had a great time letting them all run wild!  

Grady was the only boy!

He wasn't entirely impressed haha!  Jane Ellis empathized with him!

We went over to my friend Lisa's house that night with another couple and had a good ole time!  We all brought appetizers and just hung out!

Sunday afternoon I took Molly Anne to our club for a scavenger hunt and we had so much fun on a beautiful 70 degree day.  It was all by golf cart around the neighborhood.  We didn't win but we weren't last!

Kevin brought Grady over and some other friends came too and we had dinner outside while the girls played.  Yes Greer, I will buy you a big diamond in 25 years and your Daddy will throw us a big reception! ;)  We'll show this picture at our rehearsal dinner!

Mills was racked out after a big weekend!

Early Monday morning, I love those lines in the grass!  

Hope everyone is having a great week!  It's good to be back!


  1. Looks like a fun weekend! I’m glad you all are enjoying the beginning of spring!

  2. Your garden looks amazing! Thanks for coming back :)

  3. I love how you go go go with kids...for kid stuff & adult social time! I am impressed by your energy & how you have it all together! #inspiration