Saturday, January 2, 2016

Rest of Christmas Week

These are just some other random pictures from our couple of weeks together.  

Molly Anne reading a hugs book that ms. Becky gave her. 

My Dad made my two nieces beds for their American girl dolls.  They loved them.  Mom got bedding made for the beds along with blankets with their monogram for the dolls.  Seriously too cute!  

My brother and his fam came up last Monday and we did Christmas 2.0 with them.  

They stayed for a couple of nights.  Monday night my SIL and I roamed the hood in the rain on our bikes. Of course we stopped by Sarah's house for a cheers with Gigi!

The next morning we went to the American girl doll store and I had made lunch reservations in the bistro there.  It was our Christmas present to them. Each of the girls got to pick an outfit out for their doll and either get their hair done or ears pierced. It was super cute!

I just love this picture of Gigi and Mills from Christmas Day!

My top 9 Instagram pictures of 2015! 

Ok I think I'm all caught up from the holidays.  Monday it's back to the grind!


  1. I love the American Girl doll beds, so sweet!

  2. Omg Molly Anne in that doll bed!!! She is like a real life doll!! So cute!

  3. What great gifts for your nieces! I loved AG dolls growing up. Also, Molly Anne is too cute reading that book!

  4. What a fun week! :)

    Amy @