Friday, January 22, 2016

Molly Anne's First Flight

Yesterday was Molly Anne's first flight and she was awesome!  There was a lot of planning involved to travel with her by myself but it worked and was pretty easy.   It was funny because I told Kevin on Wednesday that I was nervous about flying with her and this is coming from someone who flies almost every week.  There are just so many unknowns with an infant so I had to plan carefully.  

First up, parking.  Well initially Kevin was going to take us but that turned into a mess with a meeting he had so at 6am yesterday I eliminated one of our suitcases so I only had one to roll.  I knew I only had so many hands.  I also had her diaper bag and my big bag of my purse and important stuff.  Those were my two carry ons.  That meant I had to check my suitcase and I went ahead and checked her car seat base.  I was going to stick that in the gate check bag either stroller but it was one less thing to worry about if I just checked it, so I did. Plus I get free checked bags with my status so it was a no brainer. 

Back to parking.  I ended up parking in business valet because I knew they would help me with my luggage all the way to the desk if I wanted.  My other option was the hourly deck where I could walk right into the terminal.  Biz valet is easy and I know everyone over there so it was extra easy.  

I had to think about when I got back to Charlotte as well because I will have to get our stuff in baggage claim and be able to get to the business valet bus by myself.  Therefore I truly could only roll one suitcase.  See I told you I overthought the whole thing!  

We cruised through the tsa pre check line with putting her stroller and car seat through the X-ray machine, also our two bags. I carried her through the metal detector.  They checked through her diaper bag because I had three bottles of water in there.  They just tested the liquid and swiped the bag to be sure all was good. You can bring whatever liquid you want for your baby.  To the club we went to see all my friends who work there. They went crazy over her!

The club called to the gate for me to see if they would block a seat for Molly Anne's car seat instead of me holding her the whole time.  They made it happen and that was so nice. 

We went out to get on the plane and I threw the stroller in one of those big red gate check bags. A couple sweet ladies offered to help me. People are so nice. 

On the plane!

The flight attendant couldn't have been nicer.  Molly Anne was asleep the instant the plane began moving.  I was prepared with a bottle at takeoff to help her ears with the pressure but she didn't care an ounce. She was out!

We got to my parents midday and yesterday we just hung. Molly Anne has a horrible cold, we think.  I'm probably going to take her to the doc here this afternoon. She had a 103 fever last night. I was in panic mode but thankful for my parents, the voices of reason.  It's like they raised two children or something. Ha!

I'm up here for work so I'm on my way now to meet with a municipality and see a site.  Then the snow is coming!  I may be here for awhile..!!  Worse places to be! ;)

Chat soon friends. Stay safe!


  1. Yay Molly Anne! You did great girl. Enjoy the snow, we are just starting to get it down in VA.

  2. Cracking up that you flew to MD just in time for the blizzard!!! Hope Molly Anne enjoys the snow. I am sure Mills wishes he were there to play!

  3. I'm already having travel anxiety and my baby isn't even born yet, nor do I have travel plans haha. You planned it all out so well!

  4. I feel you on the anxiety!!!! We travel in March and I'm already thinking about it! Hope MA gets better quick! Xo

  5. Such adorable pictures. I'm glad she did so well.

  6. You may be there awhile! That is so great that it went well and I hope MA is feeling better soon. If you get stuck in MD it is definitely better to be with her and with family!

  7. Glad the plane ride went smoothly! You cannot even tell she's sick, all smiles. Hope your sweet girl feels better soon.

  8. Great job on your first flight with MA! I just did Emmerson's first solo one on Sunday and it definitely takes some forethought! Y'all be safe in Maryland, I'm in NC staying with my parents while TJ has some work travel! Worse places to be, indeed! Hope baby girl feels better so soon!

  9. So glad you made it safely! I'm a huge fan of having an extra seat for a baby in their seat - mine ALWAYS slept (although we always had to buy one! - lucky you!) Have a good time!

  10. MA is a pro-traveler, just like her mama! :) So glad you made it there safely and you're right-- there are worse places to be stuck due to snow than at home with your parents!