Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Molly Anne 6 Month Update

Well Molly Anne went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and we got a ton of feedback so I wanted to jot it down here to remember!

17 pounds and 7 ounces
26.5" long
Both are in the 75th percentile which is where she was at 4 months

She is perfectly healthy.

Doc is very pleased with how her head is looking from the Cranial Tech band.  It's amazing but after 4.5 weeks of wearing it, her head is pretty much already rounded out.  I'm SO glad.  The weekly physical therapy since September has been essential and amazing.  The weekly checkups on the band have been worth every ounce of the afternoon that it takes me to get her there and back.  The last thing that will be changing are her ears and face.  Her ears started moving last week so I'm anxious to hear how much she grew this week and if they moved and when her cheeks and eyes will start improving.  This band has been truly amazing and I'm glad we moved forward with it!

Food!  Doc wants us to start ALL food.  Molly Anne is moving to three meals a day and she wants her to eat whatever we eat, just pureed.  She wants her to have all the spices and tastes that we have...and lots of fish!  There are only two things she can't have right now - honey and milk.  So yes, she will even have peanut butter, eggs and shellfish.  Doc says GO!  We say okay dokey (we LOVE her doctor!)!  She explained to us the difference in what AAP says versus new studies and they say baby's taste buds peak at 4-6 months hence why we've been doing fruits and veggies from four months until now.  And there are other studies that now say to feed them everything at 6 months and there is less potential for food allergies.

I know the opinion of feeding your children (when and what) varies among mothers and doctors so I'm just doing what our doctor suggests and we are comfortable with.  So do what you want, this is just what we are doing.  

Oh and she said for her to start drinking water out of a sippy cup with all three meals.  I need to get some sippy cups.  Any recommendations?  We have a tervis tumbler one that we will start with tonight since that's all I have right now.  

She got several shots and the first part of her flu shot.  We HATE seeing her get shots but both Kevin and I know it's for her own good.  She did great last night after one little dose of Tylenol.  She was a happy lil one this morning too!  In one month she goes back for the second part of her flu shot.  At nine months for her next well check - no shots!

So thankful for a good report.  


  1. This thing is a game changer in the world of sippy cups. Has a straw that no matter how they turn/tilt the cup they can still get their drinks. And-DOESNT leak. Which seems silly-but this is oddly rare in the world of sippy cups. We have tried them all. When she is bigger-like 12m then I highly recommend the child sized camel back-which will grow with her and also doesn't leak. The camel back is likely too big for her to start and also they have to squeeze the top to get the water out which might require more teeth:)

  2. Yay for such a wonderful report! That must be the best feeling ever. I am dreading when SC starts solids; I feel like there will be more to think about then. Congratulations again and good luck with the hunt for a sipoy cup! I think the Lolla sippy cups are adorable, but I don't have any experience with them.

  3. Hi! We found the Playtex and Dr Brown sippy cups to be best....mainly due to them not leaking! It's so hard to find a good sippy cup that doesn't leak....good luck!

  4. We tried various sorts of sippy cups for Mary Mac and while I can't say we really endorse any particular brand, we did find that starting off with a softer spout or something more nipple-like in consistency made the transition from bottle to cup a little easier! Glad to hear she's doing so well:)

  5. I know Molly Ann isn't in a daycare center but we tried a bunch of different kinds and nothing seemed to make her want to drink from one. When we first started the transition I finally asked her daycare what they used and bought the same one for consistency. We use the Take and Toss ones- 4 of them for $3.50. When the spout gets gross from her teeth I don't feel bad throwing them out.

  6. We have some of the tervis tumbler ones and they are extremely difficult to get anything out of! I am assuming Tervis Tumbler only has one type of sippy cup. It's really hard to drink from, even for me! So you may want to check yourself before attempting with Molly Ann. Sometimes I just take the plastic piece that goes in the lid out so that my 3 year old and 2 year old can get their drink out of it, but then it leaks all over the place. Anyway, just thought I would mention! Might not be the best one to start the transition to a cup with.