Tuesday, January 12, 2016


This picture is standard Mills these days.  He's always tired -- probably because he doesn't sleep all night while he keeps watch over Molly Anne!  Not really...we don't let him sleep in her room much to his dismay.  He used to sleep in there after I went in the middle of the night to feed her. He'd come in her room with me and it was an act of congress to get him out so I just let him stay.  Now she's not up in the middle of the night so he doesn't get to stay in there.  

He's still very busy and always has one ear open for his sister, ha!  I think he sleeps best when no one is home with him.  He and I hang in the den after everyone else is asleep at night.  This is his usual position. Front paws crossed, his (very heavy) head resting on the couch arm and spread out comfortably.  I love going over and laying my head on him like a pillow while I play on my iPad or whatever. 

He is part human!  And a golden retriever...he's so loving, caring and quite ferocious, ha!!  He listens and doesn't talk back and the best part - he loves us no matter what!  We love our bubba!


  1. So sweet! Golden retrievers are the best, aren't they? My husband and I are determined that the first thing we will do when we get a house is to get a golden!

  2. Oh I just love your Mills posts-- what a sweet boy! My favorite time of day is going home in the evenings to hang out with Molly. She's under my feet while I cook and do things around the house, but as soon as she sees me getting settled on the couch to relax, she's right next to me and snoozing until we go up to bed. Love our sweet pups!

  3. So sweet!! Our doggie is too old to snuggle on the couch any more but she used to love to sit there (especially when she could have it all to herself). A few times we haven't been able to find her and she's hidden herself behind the rocker in the nursery ;) Love how pets really adopt the family they are with. Mills is so so sweet.