Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Let's discuss the powerball and how it's over a BILLION dollars now. 

I've never played before but I did stop at a gas station on Monday and bought five tickets.  For four of them I let the computer generate then on the last, I picked the numbers.  I chose numbers like 7 (month Molly Anne was born), 4 (day MA was born), 3 (day we got engaged), 16 (my fav number) and then some random one.   And another random for the powerball. Ha, I spent less than five seconds filling it out so not much thought was put into it.  But it'd be crazy if we won. So let's think what we would do if we won!

1.  We would pay off our house. 
2.  I'd probably still work because I love it. 
3.  I hope Kevin wouldn't work because well, because. He can invest our winnings because he's so good at that and loves it.
4.  Molly Anne and our (hopefully) future child would be set for education and all of life's big events.  We would still make sure she got educated and had a normal life just like we have. 
5.  We would buy a beach house. 
6.  We would travel.  And we would take both of our families.  I really want to travel with my parents. 
7.  I'd get a navy 5-series BMW with tan interior. 
8.  Kevin would want to buy a plane. 
9.  We'd probably do a lot to our house or move to a nearby house.
10.  I'd have a fancy party for all of our friends and family because why not?  

The drawing is tonight and I'll be checking the numbers via wifi on the plane!  Cheers!


  1. Love the have a party for family and friends! I am adding that to my list for when I WIN! LOL! You will be invited since it is your idea! :-)
    Just teasing! Good luck!
    Annster's Domain

  2. I haven't bought tickets!!! It's a crazy amount of money!!! I would pay off the houses of my family, buy a beach house, buy a house in DC for us to live as well as one in NYC so I could visit my friends all the time. Traveling would be a must! I need a new car! The list is endless!

  3. I'm with you on the huge party!!! I'd never bought one either until sunday. We will see what happens!! I love seeing pics of Molly Anne!!

  4. Bryce and I had a huge discussion of what we'd do with the winnings over the weekend and many of our ideas are the same as yours! We would also set up a family charitable fund!

  5. It's so crazy to me how much that pot of money has grown! I think I'd like to win if no one knew that I was the winner! :) Good luck!!!

  6. So fun to think about! I would definitely buy a house and I would want the husband to stop working. We would also definitely have another baby for sure!