Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Molly Anne is Three Months

I have no idea where the last three months went but they went.  And we have soaked up every minute of our time together.  On Sunday she turned three months old!  Ahhhhh.

Here are some things Molly Anne has been up to!

You weigh over 13 pounds and are probably over 24" long now.  You're in size 1 diapers and 3-6 month clothes.  You can fit into some 3 month outfits but you're wearing 6 month onesies....your 3 month ones were becoming a little scoop neck ha!  

You smile a lot now and have the sweetest giggle. You always want to be talking.  Babbling should be your middle name!

The past week you've been drooling a good amount. Maybe you're getting a tooth?!

In your second month of life you went on your first trip. It was to see Nannie and Poppa in Maryland.  We traveled through Virginia and also went to dinner in Delaware so you've definitely expanded the states you've visited.  

You love Mills and even try to sorta pet him. Laying on him is your favorite and you could do it all day.  

You instantly calm down if we take you outside. You love looking at the trees and sky!  You also love music and I tend to think you prefer Luke Bryan or any country. ;)

You aren't really interested in a pacifier and never have been.  You like your fist and as of this week, your thumb. Oh my. 

You hold your head up pretty well now. You can sit in the bumbo.  We are really working on tummy time a lot so we can round your head out and you don't have to wear the band.  We do exercises for your neck muscles at every diaper change to get those stronger.  

The last few mornings when we go in to get you, you've rolled to your left side. Maybe you're a side sleeper?!  You haven't rolled over either way fully yet but you try!

We've been starting bath time at 7:15, give you your bottle at 7:30 and you're in bed by 8.   You've been getting up anywhere between 6-7.  Some mornings you've slept past 7 but we usually grab you before.  Thank gracious you've been sleeping through the night since your two month birthday night.  Must be something about Nannie and Poppas house....you slept through the night for the first time there and mills got house trained there.  Nannie must crack the whip ha!!  We also quit putting you in the swaddle while we were up there. You hated that thing I think!

Two weeks ago we swapped your formula to enfamil gentle ease.  This has helped your tummy a lot!  Thank you Doc for helping us with this!

You are happiest when you can see what everyone around you is doing.  We were at a girls lunch last week and Smother (Sarah) held you.  You didn't like when you faced out the window, you wanted to face your lunch dates!  You were perfectly happy when she turned you around!  You wanna be part of the party, always!  

Your naps are getting a little more predictable. You're definitely an afternoon napper.  You never nap for more than 45 minutes it seems but your Doc is okay with this because your night sleep is so good. 

You are our biggest joy and we love you tons.  You have the sweetest personality and we love watching you grow and discover new things!  


  1. That Halloween dress is the cutest thing ever! I can't believe she's 3 months either! I feel Iike I was just reading your bumpdates! That's awesome she's such a great sleeper!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. wow that is awesome she is such a good sleeper! You're right - Nannie must have a gift for babies and dogs!

  3. She's so cute, and I love her Halloween dress! It is amazing to see her grow!

  4. My mom has always said the sign of a smart baby is one that can self sooth with their thumb!

  5. Lucky girl you are to have that great sleeper! Enjoy!! We had tummy time troubles with Lawter too- it felt so miserable and I spent so much time worrying about it- it all turns out fine in the end!!