Thursday, October 29, 2015

Catch Up Thursday

Let's start with Monday.  I booked a flight Sunday night to Richmond.  Of course there were no rental cars so I ubered to the construction site!  It worked out perfectly and was cheaper than a rental car.  I was only there a couple hours then I cruised back to Charlotte!

Tuesday I flew up to Chicago for the day. Well again for a couple of hours.  Check out these views we were treated to from the ride in. 

I sent Kevin this picture and said, "name this spot."  He easily identified it. This is where we spent hours on a layover when we were on our way to China last year.  

Wednesday - well Kevin came into Molly Anne's room on Monday night and said I have something to talk to you about.  Yikes!  He told me my car was going away on Wednesday and he had made a deal on a new one.  But, the new one wouldn't be here until mid November. Okkkk.  So Wednesday we went to Mexican for lunch then to the Toyota dealership to give them my car.  I'm driving a dealer car for a few weeks until our new sequoia comes in.  Woohooooo!!

Goodbye dear car. You were good to me for a whole year and a couple weeks.  Now I'll drive Kevins car and he will drive the big one.  

Nannie sent us a Halloween package this week and she never forgets ole Mills!  He's loved these boo bars made with pumpkin and cinnamon. 

Thinking about getting Molly Anne one of these hats for this winter. I'm hoping if I get 6-12 month that she can wear it next year too!

That's all I've got!


Ann W said...

Love the adorable hat! That is so sweet!
I am following you - you can follow me back at Annster's Domain if you would like!
Aren't parents just the best with care packages for their kids, grandkids and fur-grandkids?

Leslie said...

Those hats are too precious. Also, congratulations on the new car!

Anonymous said...

I always love a good airplane skyline view! Good job! -Megan