Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend - Ave Dinner and Miles Visit

This is pretty much what our Friday night looked like.  Kevin actually went to dinner with his parents but the last thing I felt like doing was getting back in the car for another 30 minute drive when I got home from the office in the rain.  He was already down that way so he just went with them.  I didn't mind my single girl dinner consisting of a can of sauerkraut and something else I can't remember right now.  Ha!  I used to HATE sauerkraut (I called it sauerCRAP and mom got so mad at me for using the word crap) and now I like it.  

On Saturday Lauren asked Tara and I to go to brunch at Cafe Monte.  It was super fun catching up but of course I forgot a picture.  Next time!

When I got home, Mills was about to have a play date with his new friend Miles, a 4 month old golden.  He is our friend Benjy's dog.  I kept telling him to cheer up that he had a friend coming over but he just kept getting bummed the longer it took them to get there haha.  Umm note, power wash back patio...add it to the list..

These boys played and played just like goldens do.  They were precious.

Then they eventually got sorta tired and I washed the mud off of them and we played inside for a bit. Mills looks so old here, it makes me sad!

Saturday night we went to our Avenue (old condo building) friend's house to catch up with everyone!  Wendy had made lasagna - yum!  Lots of toasts went around but a favorite was that we can all go a couple months and not talk but when we get back together, it's like nothing has changed and we pick right back up where we left off.  I know I've said it before, but those are the best of friends!  Thankful for our Ave crew!

Sunday AM - Mills rested with who Kevin thinks is his brother and who I think will be his sister.  ;) 

We headed to do some errands and had brunch at Cantina 1511.  We love Cantina as you all know.  If you haven't tried their brunch, you must.  This is avocado with a poached (in my case cooked) egg and melted cheese over this good hash.  Needless to say, I didn't have much for dinner.  

Sunday afternoon we cleaned out the closet in the soon-to-be nursery and moved things to the upstairs closet and things from the upstairs closet to the attic.  We found a bunch of stuff to sell at the same time so I used Ballantyne Bargains on Facebook and got rid of a few things last night and two more meet ups tonight.  It's amazing the junk these people like but no complaints here.  I'm saving up for a mattress for our upstairs room.  Kevin on the other hand doesn't believe that's why I'm stashing cash haha.  He probably thinks it's for baby Lilly dresses or jon jons!  ;)


  1. Love the pup filled weekend, as always. And as much as I LOVE me some Cnatina, I've never tried their brunch! Boy does it look AMAZING! xx

  2. That golden puppy is too cute!! Is sauerkraut your pregnancy craving? So weird!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  3. Oh Cantina, how I miss you! We have closet cleaning on the agenda this week too. Gotta make room for baby.

  4. I was thinking maybe the can of sauerkraut was a weird pregnancy craving! Such a funny think to eat for dinner! Then again, I don't like it at all. Can't even stand the smell! Friday does sound like a nice relaxing evening...

  5. Mills and Miles - too cute! That brunch looks AMAZING!!

  6. I need to make you much better than a can! I promise! We've never done brunch at Cantina but your pics always look tasty! Keep those feet up when you can girl!

  7. Love all the pictures of Mills! It's so exciting that you are getting ready to decorate the nursery!