Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Meal Prep

This is what went on a few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon/early evening.  It was a football night so we had meal planned for that day and two more days during the week.  Here it goes:

1.  Meal Plan.
2.  Go to Teeter before 10am because after that, it's too busy.
3.  Start chopping all veggies on Sunday for your week.  You don't have time for that biz on a weeknight. Store them in tupperware or baggies.  

On this Sunday night we wanted football food so we did wings (which we ended up not liking) and pizza.  The celery and carrots are for sides.  The sliced green peppers and onions are for the pizza to saute before they go on there.  There are also chopped onions, those are for the stuffed peppers that we'll have Monday night.  The two green peppers are about to get boiled on Sunday so my life is easy when I get home on Monday.  Okay there's that...

Hollow out the green peppers and boil them (again this is a step I did on Sunday to avoid spending 15 minutes doing it on Monday night).

Meanwhile, Kevin did the wings in our mini oven.

I was also browning sausage.  We used half of this for the pizza and half of this for the stuffed pepper mixture.

Then I let that gross grease drain.

Sauted the onion for the stuffed pepper mixutre.  Then added it to a tupperware container along with half of the drained sausage.  

Then I sauted the green pepper and onion for the pizza.

And dumped a few other things in the stuffed pepper mixture in a tupperware.  Diced tomatoes, a little breadcrumbs, the onions and sausage, garlic powder and whatever else struck my fancy.

Made the pizza and slipped that in the mini oven once the wings were done.  We always use thin crust and 2% cheese and not a ton of it.

Boiled peppers and the stuffed pepper mixture go in the fridge for Monday night.  All I'll have to do is put the mixture in the peppers then bake.  Easy.


Pizza and wings.  Good football food.

The next sauce and stuffed peppers.

Tuesday night - leftovers!

And I have no clue what we had the rest of that week.  I pulled some tomato basil soup out of the freezer last week and we had that with grilled cheeses.  We make taco salads alllll the time.  I really like simplistic during the week.  Do you prep Sunday so your life is easy during the week?


  1. I love how you plan ahead, but I'm bad about getting any prep work done ahead. I plan our meals on Sunday and do all of our grocery shopping, but that's it. I need to get a little bit more organized because I think this would save a ton of time during the week!

  2. I try to do the Sunday prep..makes things WAY easier during the work week. Do you have a good pizza crust recipe you use?

  3. I love this! I'm all about the meal prep and I try and find recipes like yours that call for similar ingredients throughout the week. Monday us my meal prep day and I normally cook 2 lbs of turkey, make 1 package of quinoa, boil eggs and in the summer Joel grills chicken breast.

    My newest space saver has been buying predicted onions at trader joes.

  4. meal prep is time consuming, but it always pays off! nice work!

  5. I'm going to have to try that stuffed peppers recipe. I love them, but for some reason never make them.

  6. Love this, well done! I have these intentions all the time but I rarely to never succeed. You've inspired me, perhaps this weekend will be the one.

  7. What is that little black tool??? I've never seen it...

  8. Great ideas! And what is that round-looking spatula type thing? I am fascinated!

  9. I am super impressed at your Sunday meal prep. My work weeks are random and I work at least half of all Sundays... but really need to get this meal prep thing under control. I hate scrambling at the last minute!