Friday, January 16, 2015

Week 16 Pregnancy Journal

Next week, I hope to get back on track with Five on Friday.  I think I'm going to do these weekly updates on Thursdays even though my week changes on Fridays.  I just can't miss out on FOF every week!

How Far Along? 16 weeks on January 16th (my fav number is 16 so this is fun!)

Size of Baby: Avocado - 4.5" long and 3.5 ounces

Gender: Not finding out!

Weight Gain:  Still about the same as I was pre-pregnancy.  

Maternity Clothes:
Not yet!  Trying to ride out normal clothes as long as possible!

Nursery:  I found a navy herringbone crib skirt that I really like on Etsy.  I may not order a bumper until we know boy/girl since we don't need it at the beginning anyway and it may be a fun way to bring in a pop of color. 

Movement: Not yet

Symptoms:  Headaches. All day every day.  I have a med for them but trying to not take it unless I'm desperate. 

Sleep: Good!

Cravings:  I bought ice cream for the first time in years this week.  Moderation is everything so I'm being careful. Knew I shouldn't have gone to the grocery store hungry!

What I Miss: Nothing really. 

Best Moment This Week:  Telling all our friends via Facebook, Instagram and my blog.  The amount of support and excitement we got was unreal. 475+ likes plus over 100 comments on Facebook.  Thankful for our friends and overwhelmed (in a good way!) by all the well wishes.

Looking Forward To:  Mom is coming down in late January to pick out some nursery things and fabrics and possibly attend an ultrasound appointment.  We booked her flight this week!  I also have an appointment later today to just listen to the heartbeat and be sure all is well.  They don't let me go more than four weeks without being seen.  


  1. Squee! Love your sweet little updates. Good to hear that aside from the headaches, things are going well! Isn't it nice to have a Mom Trip in the books? Nothing like knowing the plane ticket is booked and she's coming your way-- I have mine booked for May :)

  2. Good idea on waiting on the bumper! Would be a create slash of color!

  3. We are totally on the same page today, I posted by bump update too, although mine is two days late. ;) I just love reading these updates.

  4. I love the idea of the bumper! So smart! It can be difficult to design a room without knowing the gender but you're doing such a great job already!!!

  5. Ugh about your headaches! It really sucks since you can't take a lot of meds!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  6. I am about to burst I'm so happy for you guys! I'm sorry about the headaches and hope those resolve shortly. Thanks for keeping us posted--love the updates!