Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lilly After Sale

How did the sale go for you guys?  I got some things but I didn't go crazy like most years. 

I got this Joanna dress and it came in the mail yesterday and I tried it on last night and love it.  The straps are adjustable. It is very long so I'll have to get it hemmed. 

You all know I got more travel pants. I've been living in these.  I call them my sweatpants ha.  I got black and brown in this sale each for $39.  Belk actually had them for $34 but not in my size.  Now I have four pairs of black and one each of navy, gray and brown. 

And I got the Lilly Loves Hope murfee.  I like the murfees that are dressy and don't go with only black or only navy.  I like this one for these reasons. 

I got an Elsa and another top too.  What did you guys end up with?

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Alexandra Bee Blog said...

That Murfee is so pretty! I came close to ordering some travel pants, but just had ordered a few new pairs of Pixies on Black Friday...maybe next time!