Monday, August 25, 2014

Mills' Birthday

Call me crazy but of course we celebrated Mills' birthday!  He's our child!

He had a box with his name on it at the doorstep last Thursday and he couldn't wait until Friday to open it!

So he had a lil pre-birthday on Thursday night.

His grandparents each sent him a card.  

The toys we gave him.  A new gator collar via my friend Kristen from her Etsy shop, a squeeky squishy tennis ball and a Kong Cozie monkey!  

McGee and Jared brought Mills' brother Wylie over to play and we had pizza and let the boys play.  It was only right that they celebrated together!  And they exchanged gifts.  Mills gave Wylie a Gator Kong Cozie and Wylie gave Mills a big blue rope!


McGee and I fixed them each a peanut butter/milk bone cake and Mills' was gone in literally 5 seconds.  Wylie took a bit longer on his, savoring each bite.

I made them each these silly party hats.  Umm I wasn't going to pay $12 each on Etsy so I went to Michaels and the nice lady helped me figure them out.  I'm not crafty.  

But look how cute they are in them!

Family picture.

They both got on Mills' couch (the chair ottoman) and watched TV.  Mills is on the right, Wylie on the left.

Mills played all weekend with his new rope.

It's becoming our lil tradition to go see Kevin at work on Saturdays.  My co-pilot knows the way to go.

Happy Birthday Miller "Mills" Westben!!!!


  1. Mills is one spoiled little boy!! He looks like he had so much fun with his brother at his birthday party! Those hats are too cute!!

  2. 1. I love that you celebrate Mill's birthday (I completely missed Tuckers...oops!).
    2. How cute are Mills and his brother together?
    3. Those hats are adorable!

  3. I actually had a full out party for Buddy one year.
    Spoiled poochies! HBD Mills!

  4. Awwwww happy birthday , a Mills! Love them in their party hats.

  5. Awww, happy birthday sweet Mills! And Wylie, too!

  6. So glad Mills had a great birthday! The hats turned out super cute!

  7. Best post ever! Happy Birthday Mills (and Wylie)!!

  8. Happy belated bday, Mills! He's so cute!