Monday, August 4, 2014

Food Truck Party

On Saturday night we had a bunch of Kevin's agent friends over to hang out...these are the couples we've traveled with over the past few years.  You'd think they wouldn't be friends since they're all around Charlotte and in competition with one another but these guys are great.  They're a huge support system for each other and the stuff they put up with each day in their offices.  They're all small business owners, they all have the same pressures and they each know how it feels to deal with angry (and nice) people through customer service.  I'm glad Kevin has these good guys to lean on.

Anyway to the party...I set up the drinks on our porch.

Our friends Kim and Bryan came into town from about 2 hours away and stayed the night with us.  

My friend Megan used a food truck for her husband's 30th birthday and I thought that was the cutest idea so I asked her about it.  She loved having it.  So I turned to my friend in Charlotte, Nicole, who told me all the good food trucks and in comes Auto Burger and Fry Guys.  These burgers were the best.....every part of it was homemade - the bread, the burgers...Farmer's Market tomatoes...spicy ketchup....etc etc.  

The moral of this party was easy.  I wanted it all easy.  I only fixed a couple of appetizers.  I did this cheese platter and buffalo chicken dip (of course with real chicken, not canned - GROSS).  

The truck couldn't get up our driveway but it actually worked well to have them down on the street.  It kinda spread the party out.

For dessert my friends Jenn and Lisa suggested mini candy bars.  SO easy.  I plopped them in a pretty bowl and was done.  Everyone thought they were great....just enough sweetness.

The good part is, we are having the food truck come to our house again for a family reunion we are hosting at our home in November.  You can't beat not having to cook or clean up!  I can certainly put beverages in the cooler and call it a day.

Little Mills joined us for the party.

But then crashed after everyone played with him.

The next day, he was very excited there was still cold water and ice in the coolers for him to drink.  He was dehydrated from the miller lite he had at the party ha!  

Good times!


Dee Stephens said...

The food truck is so smart! Looks like a GREAT time! Love your top.

Shauna said...

Such a fun time, thank you for having us! By the way, I hope you found what we left for you in the silverware drawer(this was Brad's location of choice). We did not realize until we finally checked our couch that night that we still owe you another 5!

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

Such a fun idea!! Looks like an amazing party!!

A Simple Southern Life said...

Having a food truck was such a neat idea!

Miss Southern Prep said...

The food truck is such a cute idea! I love your top and your haircut is so cute!

Ally {Life as I know it} said...

Your party looks like it was so much fun!! I'm sad we couldn't make it! Love the food truck idea. No clean up!! Life as I know it

Portuguese Prepster said...

I LOVE that idea! So fun

megan said...

Looks like y'all had a blast! Y'all have a great party house, too!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I saw your pics on FB and couldn't wait to read the deets here! Love food trucks at parties. I think it's such a fun idea and hello easy clean up!

I am crazy pants jealous of your big porch. So nice! (I have a thing for porches.)


Alexandra Bee Blog said...

This looks like SO much fun! I love the food truck craze..and your top!