Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Asian Appetizer

One of the girls made this for bunco last week and it was SO good I had to share

Let's call it:  Asian Appetizer.

1 block of cream cheese (I used low fat)
1 green onion
Wasabi Cream (found in Asian section of grocery store)
Tuxedo Sesame Seeds (found in Asian section)
Soy Sauce (I used our leftover packets from take out Chinese)
Wasabi Rice Crackers (found in Asian section)

This sounds complicated but it's not.  It's just hard to explain.  
Open the block of cream cheese package and slice it horizontally (basically you're cutting the top half off). Set that to the side.  Now you have two rectangles.  Cut each rectangle diagonally so you have four triangles.  Spread wasabi cream on two of the triangles.  Place the two triangles that don't have wasabi cream on top of the ones that do.  If you look at the above picture you'll see how each triangle is split horizontally through the middle.  Poor some sesame seeds on a paper towel and dab both triangular sections onto it so they're coated with seeds.  Spread a lil more wasabi cream on top (see pic) then sprinkle green onions on top.  Place onto place then put a little soy sauce on the plate.  Serve with rice crackers.


  1. Creamy + spicy + salty + crunchy? YUP. Want this!!! What a great idea! I bet this could be great with some fresh crunchy veggies like carrots or peas.

  2. wow this looks awesome, what a treat!

  3. I make this all the time! I use toasted sesame seeds...I also serve with sliced cucumbers. The rice crackers, cucumber and dip all together is a perfect combo.

  4. this is right up my alley..i'm supposed to bring an app to supper club on Sunday and was going to make black bean hummus (again), but now I'm thinking maybe I'll bring this, too!