Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Problem Solution.

I'm usually a very black and white person...for example...if you don't go over the speed limit, you won't get stopped for speeding.  If you don't train for a race, you won't be able to finish in the time you want to finish.  If you don't take care of your home, car etc, it will fall apart.  

I went to school for engineering.  It's the way I think.  I can't remember each math problem I did in college but I know the way of thinking of how I solved it.  Problem. Solution.  It's the way my brain works.  

And by the way, I still have every homework and every test I took in my engineering classes.  So if I really want to recollect that misery, I can.  I worked too hard to throw those things away!

A big thing I was always taught by my parents was MODERATION.  Moderation with school/work/life balance, moderation with food and alcohol, moderation with time commitments, moderation with everything.

Some of this I'm decent with but I'll be the first one to tell you that at times, I'm terrible with most of these as well.  But that's the thing...we must find moderation.  I'm terrible with time commitments in general (I just want to do everything) and I'm sure relationships have suffered because of this.  I'm clearly not afraid to eat a cheeseburger and fries and have too many miller lites.  No shame!  But at least I think I know when to stop.

That's the hard part though - when do we cut it off?  When do we stand up and say I must do something for ME or for MY FAMILY?  When do you get right down to standing by your true feelings?  When do we say, "I can't do it all?"  How do you choose what you WANT versus what you "feel like you should do?"  We've all been in these positions.

Man, it's hard to be honest with yourself and stand up for what you believe, isn't it?!  I haven't come up with this solution yet.  Have you?


Shauna said...

This is never easy, but you will eventually get to a point where you just can't do everything for everyone without sacrificing your own happiness/sanity. I've heard saying no gets easier with practice...let's hope!

Dee Stephens said...

You still have all your tests and everything??
WOW! I had them for a while, but left a lot of them in the sorority files.
I've moved way too many times back and forth across the country to hang onto stuff like that.
Good for you!

Miss Southern Prep said...

I'm trying to figure out moderation, as well! I have a hard time not saying yes to everything, then end up burned out. But I'd rather be busy than not doing anything, so sometimes I attribute it to that. I need to work on it, though!

Tess said...

I feel you girl....I'm still working on that balancing act myself but if you do find the secret, please share ;)