Friday, August 1, 2014

What Up Blog Friends?

Dear Mama's Blog Friends,

Wishing you all a Happy Friday!

She keeps telling me we are having a party at our house this weekend for my Daddy's work friends.

I hope I get to play with everyone.  At the very least, hopefully I'll get to have some Miller Lite, my namesake.  

Mama gave me a bath this past Monday evening so I wouldn't smell like a pooch for our guests.  I ran around like a crazy man afterwards because I felt so much better.  They keep telling me I'm a teenager because I'm about to turn two in a few weeks.  

I wish you lots of goodies, time outside and fun with friends this weekend! (I'm hoping for the same)



  1. Aww, so cute! I hope the party goes great and that Mills has lots of fun!

  2. Crimpy ears get me every time!

  3. Our Golden is 5.5 years old and he still acts like a puppy. Apparently the "two-year calm down" rule doesn't apply to their breed!

  4. Love how you love him! He is just so beautiful.