Monday, November 4, 2013

Lindsey and Chris' Wedding Weekend

On Friday morning we cruised down to West Palm Beach, Florida for an amazing wedding weekend!

Our stops on our way to the wedding weekend went as follows:

1.  Worth Avenue
2.  Find Lilly's house
3.  C. Orrico
4.  Surfside Grill in Palm Beach for lunch
5.  The Breakers

We had a drink at the Breakers bar.  There is an aquarium underneath our drinks.  Very cool.

Then we drove up to Vero Beach and checked into the Vero Beach Hotel and Spa.  We lucked out with a gorgeous room overlooking the pool.  It was wonderful.  We got ready and headed to dinner at The Lemon Tree then met everyone at a Welcome Party at the Citrus Grill.  It was HOT but wonderful.  The bar was right on the ocean and it was the perfect salt air smell.  

Lindsey is the bride in the green and Ashley on the other side of Lindsey.  I know Ashley because I used to work with her in Charlotte and she knew Lindsey from Furman.  We just all became friends.  Only one was missing - Lauren!  We missed you friend!  Lindsey now lives in Dallas and Ashley lives in Miami.

With our guys.

Chris' friends from University of Texas were super sweet and invited us back to their suite for an after party.  We had the best time and can't thank them enough for including us!  

The groom!  

Saturday we had breakfast at the hotel, laid by the beach and pool for awhile then I went to check out all the cute shops.  Then we got ready for the big event.  A bus picked us up and drove us to Windsor Chapel for the ceremony.  It was stunning.

The same bus drove us to the reception at Quail Valley Club.  Amazing reception venue, of course.  You all will love the details from this wedding.  Lindsey has impeccable taste!

It's a UT stadium of cake balls. 

And check out the personalized scoreboard!  Unreal!

Cocktail hour was out on the water with live music of course.

Isn't her dress amazing?!  Better pictures are later in this post!

The lovely bride and her groom!

The table setting was gorgeous!

They are the cutest couple!

They were both just glowing all night long!


He sang Don't Stop Believin' by Journey!

These were in the welcome basket.  Adorbs.

It was an amazing wedding and we are SO happy for Lindsey and Chris.  Cheers to you both!  Thank you for having us down for your wedding!!!  We were honored to be included for yall's special time!  

Enjoy honeymooning in the BVI's!!!


  1. Ashley's pantsuit!!! So chic!!! I would love to pull something like that off.

    You look wonderful and of COURSE the bride is absolutely lit up with that bridal glow!

  2. Such a beautiful, unique wedding! Love her dress and the cake ball stadium - both so original!!

  3. What a cool church!

    I can't get over that cake. Insane.

    Looks like a very fun wedding!

  4. Um I NEED DEETS on that green dress. GIMME!!

  5. I've been following your wonderful blog for a while now and LOVED seeing this post! I am from Vero- you made me seriously homesick this morning! My Mom even owns one of the little shops right on Ocean Drive by your hotel, M. Maison- the home interiors and accessories shop! You hit some of my favorite spots- the hotel, Lemmon Tree, Windsor, Quail Valley! Thanks for this post!!!

  6. Killer wedding! Ok, you and Lindsey could pass as sisters. Has anyone told you that?
    What was the connection with the cookies and milk?

  7. Ohhhhh this is just as gorgeous as I knew it'd be! You and Kevin look great and of course I love seeing AshSudds in the pics!

  8. Looks like a blast-- what a fun excuse to spend some time in Palm Beach!

    1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dress you wore to the wedding!


    2. That picture of you and Kevin leaning in together at the dinner table is GORGEOUS!!!

  9. Yay!! Thanks for the post -- I feel famous! We LOVED celebrating with you! Xoxo

  10. I have a friend who is interested in the Windsor Chapel for her upcoming wedding! Do you have any clue how many people it holds?!?