Monday, November 18, 2013


Literally I feel like I'm living in a dream this year.  It has been the most unbelievable year and it got even better this weekend.  Friday night we went out with Kevin's parents to Maverick Rock Taco.  It was really good and fun for something different!

Saturday Mills and I ran and then did some errands.  We got ready down at the house and then went uptown to our condo to go out.  

We broke out a nice bottle of wine to enjoy.  Are you all like us and just keep all your good bottles and never drink them?  This was a treat and a bottle that bossman gave me last year.

I thought Kevin and I were going to Basil for dinner then to a couple new places uptown.  Little did I know...

My girlfriends had made a bunch of appetizers and had a big ole set up down on the 10th floor.  I had been bugging all of them to see if they were out and about but they all had plans.  Well their plans had been organized by Kevin and the girls pulled the party off.   They are too sweet!

Tara had even brought me tanquerey and tonic with fav!

And friends just kept stopping by and coming in.  It was crazy and I'm so thankful for my friends!

The group as we left Avenue.

We walked to Howl at the Moon where Kevin had bought 4 tables with our name on it.  And then it just got wild..

Lauren, Tara and I.

My girls!  

It was a special treat that these two came.  We hadn't seen them since our wedding but live in the same town!

Kevin is a keeper.  He really got me this year!  I had no idea!

Kim and Hunt.  She put the message on the High Roller board and had me up there dancing on stage!

We ended up taking a pedi-cab back to Avenue...all two blocks.  Kevin's feet were killing him from new boots.  But after a serious business bar tab, what's another $20?!  Details details.  I love that our friends can drink.  24 miller lites, 9 fireball shots among A LOT more beverages.  Love it!  Many of the couples got babysitters and some even stayed at hotels uptown.  Everyone went really above and beyond to come celebrate and I couldn't be more thankful.  

This is the only part of uptown that Mills likes...the balcony.  

We jetted back to the house early yesterday morning.  

Crazy story...Kevin thought he left his jacket which had his phone in it, at Howl at the Moon.  We called and left them a message.  Well randomly an Asheville number called my phone.  The lady Vicky was so kind and called the last missed call on Kevin's phone (it was on the screen - they couldn't get in it because of the passcode but thankfully Kevin hadn't programmed Jay's number in so they were able to get his number to call).  Jay and Emily gave them my number and Vicky called me and said she found the jacket on the sidewalk.  He must have dropped it when he got in the pedi-cab?  Anyway, she left the jacket AND phone at their hotel lobby front desk.  There are kind people in this world!  And now it's a funny was not funny first thing Sunday morning.

Like Kevin needed to do ANYTHING else, he surprised me last night with a gift card to an equestrian center.  Every time we've ridden by this horse farm near our house over the last year, I've said it would be fun to ride a horse sometime.  I don't think I have done it since girl scouts and it sounds fun for some reason!  So that's why he gave me that.  I'm excited!

Oh and we had dinner last night at french onion and salads ever!

Thank you to Kevin and my fam and friends for the perfect birthday weekend!  


  1. HOLY SHIZNAT! Kevin did good! The story about the coat is hysterical! Lucky indeed! We went out Saturday night too, but I didn't take nearly as many pictures! We were HURTING yesterday. haa

  2. Happy birthday, girl!!! Your husband did a faaaabulous job with the celebration!

    Plus, I think every time I see Lauren & Tara on your blog, I *COVET* their clothes. You have some fashionable friends!

  3. Happy belated birthday! You have some great friends and a great hubby! :)

  4. What a fun night--and such a NICE lady! Happy birthday!!

  5. Happy birthday! We missed y'all on Saturday but I'm so glad Kev surprised you. Looks like a BIG time!!

  6. Happy belated birthday!! Kevin did an awesome job!!

  7. Happy Birthday! Looks like a blast. I can't imagine having friends who can't drink...Ones that do are the best kind :)

  8. Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like a really really fun celebration! Those kinds of surprises are the best!

  9. Happy birthday! What an awesome surprise (and are those baked mac & cheese cups?! recipe!!!!)

    That's too funny about Kevin's jacket - thank goodness for GOOD people!

  10. Wow, Kevin is a keeper for sure!! Those buckets at Howl At The Moon get me every time! Glad you had such a great weekend! Happy Birthday!!!

  11. Happy birthday!!! Kevin did so good! How sweet of him to plan such a special night for you!

  12. Happy birthday!!! Kevin did so good! How sweet of him to plan such a special night for you!

  13. Happy happy birthday!!! I LOVE Howl at the Moon... and I love that your friends surprised you! What a great birthday weekend!

  14. Glad you had such a fun time with your amazing friends and hubby!!! Happy birthday!

  15. How fun!!! That seems like the best birthday party ever!! Cheers to a fabulous year!


  16. What a fun surprise! Happy Birthday girlie!!!

  17. PS- We are both November babies! My birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year!