Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Do you all collect Byers Choice Carolers?  I love the ones that my Mom has given me as gifts over the years.  Each year she'll add one to my collection.  I have a Maryland Santa that holds a plate of crabs and a beach chair, a traditional Santa, a wine and cheese girl like below and this year she gave me a man caroler since Kevin is now a party of the family!

I like displaying them on our foyer table.  I'll add some greenery around them in the next week or so.

And you all KNOW that I had to order ole Mills!  We couldn't leave him out!  He should be arriving any day! ;)


  1. My Grandy has a collection of Santa figurines she's collected over the years... I may have asked for them. I love a holiday decor piece that you can add to as years go on! :)

  2. My mom's Masschusetts family collects these, and I was just thinking about how I need a few for my own! My mother also has those gorgeous nutcrackers that I'm dying for!