Thursday, November 7, 2013

Boots Confession

Confession:  I only own two pairs of boots.

You all don't have to be friends with me anymore, I'll understand.

My legs are too big to wear those jeggings or leggings or whatever they're called.  I just wear my running pants if I wear either of these pairs of boots that way and a long shirt to cover up my rear.  Usually I just have jeans on with my cowboy boots.
I'm weird.  I know.  Maybe one day, I'll change my mind to like other boots and become normal like all of you.


MCW said...

That is weird. Ha. I LIVE in my boots all fall and winter. I have bigger legs, but still love them in boots.

Anni said...

I've got bigger legs (and huge calves!) too but am obsessed with my boots. They may not always be the most flattering but they are my favorite to pair with j.crew pixie pants and a comfy sweater to work.

Portuguese Prepster said...

hahah to each their own! I love my boots in the winter!