Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - To Do List

Yay I'm excited about putting together a blogger dinner at Aria.  Look for details tomorrow!
For Wedding Wednesday today, I was just going to type out some things still on my to do list -
1.  Pre-marital counseling.  We have our first appointment next week to come up with the game plan of what they want us to do.
2.  Review guest list for corrections, middle names and addresses.  I have to get this to the calligrapher in the next 45 days.  This is a bigger task then I thought!
3.  All of my ladies have ordered their dresses so that's exciting!
4.  We have to choose a soloist and meet with the organist.  This is going down February 10th.
5.  Tasting at City Club with my parents and Kevin.  Looking forward to this!
6.  Finalize flowers.  This is my Mom's detail, I could careless.  The space is already gorgeous so not many flowers are even necessary.
7.  Finish the program - this will be done in March probably.  One of the last things.  It's already started though.
8.  Finish the hotel gift bags.  I've already bought some of the stuff for them, just need to finish.  Can't really do this until it gets closer.
9.  Figure out a song to be introduced to and cut the cake with (same song!).  And also an upbeat last song.  Any ideas?
10.  I need to decide if we're going to do koozies or not.  I've always wanted to but our venue serves everything in a glass no matter what so it'd sorta defeat the purpose.  Thoughts?
I think that's about it.  I'm sure little things will come up but I think things are looking pretty good for five months out!


  1. Sounds like you are very organized and have gotten a lot accomplished already. I just got married in September and my biggest piece of advice is to get everything you can done early so that you aren't completely stressed those last few weeks/days leading up to the wedding.

  2. We gave out koozies -- even though our reception was at a club, where they served beer in glasses too. We handed our koozies out after the sparklers exit. I put them in big galvanized tubs around water bottles. Many of ours guests needed to "hydrate" from all the consumed beverages...! Hah!

    "How Sweet It Is" is a great upbeat song that is Southern, well-known, and memorable.

  3. Doesn't typing everything out in an orderly fashion make you feel so much better?? It does for me. I'm also scratching my head as to what song we want to be introduced to. And one thing I can't decide on is if I want the band to introduce the wedding party or not..are yours being introduced?

  4. What about doing a koozie as the favor? Also, I just love that you have everything on a check list! I did the same thing!!

  5. I love having an organized list of things to do. I had a wedding notebook with pockets and by the wedding there was not a blank page left. I wrote down everything from gifts to sketches of how I wanted the tables. You need to look into going to a Weekend To Remember by Family Life. It was a fabulous marriage conference. My parents gave it to us as a gift while we were engaged. There is actually one here in Park City this weekend and we are going to go again! Can I come along to the tasting at the City Club? I love that part. :)

  6. I agree, getting all the guest list details complete for the invitations is such a huge task.

  7. You are so impressive!!! I think the koozie idea is so fun especially like the other comment if they could go on bottled water for the end or even just a favor! Hope the move went okay!

  8. So funny, just running into you!!
    I always thought we would do koozies too but opted out b/c of the expense. Plus, we got married in the winter and they seem more like a spring/summer thing to me.
    Songs were hard for me too. I googled songs and came up with a cake cutting song.
    As for our entrance song - Black Eyed Peas, 'I've Got a Feeling' was hot on the charts at the time.

  9. You're so organized! I love the koozie idea--I agree with some of the other comments, they'd be perfect for favors!

  10. Gathering formal names and current addresses was the hardest part along with our seating chart. We assigned a person to each individual seat at dinner so that was a work in process right down to the last minute when we had four people decide to come at the last minute. I had to give the calligrapher an emergency, last minute call the week of the wedding to send a few more calligraphied menus.....oy!!

  11. I love the idea of koozies with water bottles for later. We did ours at the rehearsal dinner. I have also seen them in welcome bags!

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