Thursday, October 18, 2012

On The Road

Oh boy, it's been another week on the road.  I've looked at about 8 different markets in western Virginia for one of our retailers.  So today I'm going to talk in general about being on the road.
I travel most every week up to the northeast but lately I've gone out west and to the midwest too.  That's been a fun change. 
I usually only go out for one night, maybe two nights a week.  And a few times a year it's 3 nights out.  I can deal with's really not that bad and I enjoy seeing new parts of the country.  My favorite are day trips - fly out at 7am and get up north for one meeting and fly back that afternoon.  That's really fun - get to sleep in my own bed! 
Yes traveling is tiring I guess but I just don't think about it like that.  It's work, I love it, why complain about it?!  You can't make the plane go faster or change the departure time!  I know this is odd but when I'm on a plane, I try to pretend I'm just at work in my office.  Sounds really weird, but it's true!  Another thing - it's not the easiest to travel during the weekend and on the weekends.  I do it a lot but it takes planning ahead, that's all.
So don't feel too badly for me being on the road.  Yes I have really long days - I usually roll out back to back 16 hour days but I really have it pretty easy.   Check it...
 - I pretty much fly first class everywhere I go.  I only fly US Air because we're in Charlotte and that's what you do.  And the more you fly, the more free first class upgrades you get.  And if for some reason I don't get first class, I sit in the exit row.  Middle seats - no way.  Back of the bus - no way.  I only get in those situations if I'm flying standby and grateful just to get home. 
 - I go to the US Air club in the airports which makes waiting a whole lot better.  They've hooked me up in so many ways I can't even begin to start telling yall about it. 
 - I'm TSA Pre so I don't have to take my shoes off, take my computer or liquids out and I just walk right through security (this is only in Charlotte so far - well Charlotte is the only airport I go to that has it). 
 - I rent from Hertz every time so I just walk right to my car.  No waiting in line.  Sirius radio = essential to my life.  They don't have much country music up north.  
 - I only stay in Hilton hotels...Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden etc. 
 - I get to keep all of my miles, points and rewards!  I get a free plane ticket a quarter.  And when Kevin and I travel for fun - first class, no waiting in lines etc.  He loves it and has grown to expect it haha!  I tell him that's what he gets for not seeing me some nights during the week!
If you travel a lot, I highly recommend picking your airline, hotel and car and sticking with them.  Load up on the rewards!
Please don't take this as a snobby post, yall know I'm not like that.  It's just what I do for work.  It's how it is.  If you have ever traveled a lot (like 60+ airline segments a year, every year), you know exactly what I'm talking about!


Mariel said...

Girl you're not snobby! I think it's great that you get to keep all the perks of your work hard enough for it!

Kate said...

Haha!! Love this post! TSA Pre is at several airports now, which is SO nice! Orlando has the nicest one I've ever seen... it's a swanky line you get to go down, ha!

Portuguese Prepster said...

great tips!

megan said...

Sometimes I wish I got to travel for work..but then I know I would miss Cameron and Brady too much. What is your job??

Dee Stephens said...

Love me some first class~! Glad I don't have to travel all the time. Not as glamarous as you think!

Alayna said...

I travel for work all the time too. I'm a LOYAL priority clubber (holiday inn). I'm Platinum level now, and last week on my honeymoon we were upgraded to a balcony view over niagara falls. Yes, my husband expects is now, too. He's always saying when is our next free trip lol?
Alayna (Dee's cousin)

Mason said...

Reeeeally good tips and suggestions. I'll definitely keep them in mind!


Royar said...

Love me some US Airways!!! My Dad is about to sign up for Pre and it seems so convenient! XO

The Mrs said...

My Dad has the Pre--totally worth it for frequent travelers like y'all!! Glad you get some perks from all your travel!

Caitlin C. said...

These are awesome tips! I don't have to travel for my job but I kind of wish I did. I think it would be fun to explore different cities!

erin - heart in ireland said...

yay traveling for work!

the only thing i can get my points for is airlines, which i've taken full advantage of - in just 6 months i had 45 segments! and now that i'm a full time employee i can book the flight on my personal cc that is hooked to the airline to get double miles and then get reimbursed!

i wish i could do the tsa pre! but i don't fly enough for it to happen!