Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our Couples Shower

I just can't get over our couples shower on Saturday night.  It was the best time ever!  Lots of my favorite people were in one place!!!  It was only very close friends that we hang with on a weekly basis, bridesmaids and groomsmen.  Both of our sets of parents were invited too!
It was held on the 10th floor of where Kevin and I live - the Avenue.
My college sorority sisters threw it and they choose an Aloha theme since we're going to Hawaii for our honeymoon!  Perfect!  I will say this - they did not miss a single detail.  Everything little thing was done to a T!
Sooooo let's get to the pictures! 
Entry way with the invitation framed and the G vase that Kevin's parents gave us for our engagement.  Aren't the flowers gorgeous too?  Those are lei's that Kevin and I wore!
Check out the cute wreaths!  The lil drink umbrellas stuck into a wreath!
Cupcakes in the shape of a G for my new last name!
The party began at 8pm so they did a dessert theme with the food.  I loved how it was different than any other shower I had been to!  It was more of a cocktail luau/party sorta thing!  Love!
Me with the hostesses!  Kelly, Me, Kim, Suz
More food!
Ben and Jackie!  He is an old college friend who I suffered through civil engineering with.  Yall remember their wedding from this past June?!
My brother and Kevin.  They are so ridiculous.  Clay wore his "captain's shoes" to annoy Emily and Kevin literally wore these slippers type thing that he had bought that day.  First off, Kevin never shops like that, second of all - who wears slippers out to dinner then to a couples shower?!  Oh, the groom, that's right!  Whatever floats his boat!
My sis-in-law Emily and brother Clay.  He didn't want to be on the blog.  He got us all cracking up when we were opening gifts saying that he was going to start a blog - Clays Adventures.  I was laughing so hard I had tears!  Hilarious!!!  He keeps saying he has big plans for our wedding with my Uncle.  I can only imagine!  Chaos!
My lovely parents drove down from Maryland for the party!
Dusty and Kristen.  She's my running buddy!
Emily and Michael!  I know Emily through my friend Lauren.  I call Emily one of my best Charlotte friends!
Lauren and Andrew!  Their wedding is in June 2013!  She's a Bridesmaid.
 Josh, Me, Steph and Benny.  Ole college buddies! 
Wendy and I!  She and Josh lived at the Avenue and through the loop I have her to thank for meeting Kevin!
Then the opening gifts began.  I'll admit - I was pretty nervous about this.  I've never done anything like it!  But we got through it.  Kevin was a good sport. 
Everyone was SOOOO generous.  We were overwhelmed.  Most importantly we were just so glad everyone was with us. 
My crazy girls!
Crab platter from Tara!  Fran told me this was a good picture of me so I posted it.  ;)
Kevin was cracking me up.  I love this picture of us, well half of Kevin but he has that big grin!
Group picture was essential.  Thank you concierge Junior for taking it and Fran for organizing it!
Kimmy and Jeff!  Yes I call her Kimmy.  And always have for 12 years.
Josh and Steph.  I always called him Bro in college.  Between he, Benny and my other buddy Matt - they took care of me.  Changing light bulbs in my car, changing a flat tire.  You know, that kind of stuff.  He was also one of my very first friends at NC State.  We lived on the same floor of Carroll Hall.
Kevin and Jeff acting crazy.
Kevin and I with Fran and Matt! 
Don't yall love Matt's jacket?!  Hilarious!  He was carrying Fran's purse around, too funny!
The newlyweds as of August!
Unfortunately Kevin's mother and sister-in-law were both sick and couldn't make the party.  We missed them so much!!
Here are my parents, Clay and Emily, Kevin and I. 
My bridesmaids and I.  We are missing my friend Beth who was super sick back in Raleigh who also hosted and my friend Lindsay who lives in Philadelphia! 
Of course it was a really good idea to go out that night.  Phil's then Connolly's.
Jason, Sean, Kevin, Jeremy, Craig and Michael.
Craig and Sara.  She is 8 months pregnant and stayed out til the end.  She's a champ! 
My Charlotte ladies!  Me, Tara, Emily
The only picture of just Kevin and I all night (except when we opened presents but let's be honest - those are never flattering). 
Emily and Michael, Kevin and I. 
We had an amazing time with everyone.  THANK YOU SOOOOO much to the hostessess (some of yall traveling from Raleigh) and to my parents and brother/sis in law for traveling to the party!  Cannot thank yall enough! :) 
If this is a preview of how crazy our wedding will be, I cannot wait until April!!!!


  1. What a fun time!! I love the luau theme and all the G details! Your hostesses did a great job!!! Loving your necklace, too!

  2. wow - your girlfriends really went above and beyond!! so happy for you guys - you look great!

  3. Looks like a great shower! Congrats!

  4. It's funny you say you were nervous because I always thought opening presents in front of a big group would be uncomfortable too.

    Looks like an amazing night with great friends!


  5. Aw what a fun shower! Looks like your friends did an amazing job. And I LOVE the crab platter! I agree though...opening presents in front of people is all kinds of awkward.

  6. What an awesome shower! It looks like y'all had the best time with your family and friends! I'm loving that crab platter, by the way!

  7. Looks fun! I've never been to a couples shower, sounds like a great idea!



  8. very lovely! :)
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  9. you look adorable! looks like such a fun time!!!!!! Love the crab platter!