Friday, October 12, 2012

Impromptu Date Night

Wednesday was a range of emotions.  I flew back in and picked up boxes to start moving.  It's definitely exciting to be moving but it's also hard to leave the first place I've ever owned.  I put the deposit on my uptown condo when I was 22 years old and closed on it when I was 24 after the high rise was constructed!  I felt so lucky to be able to do that and still do.  Therefore, it's just HARD to leave it!  It's HARD to think I'll be out of there in 2 weeks from today!  Ahh!  Oh I guess I should start packing...ummm yeah, in my spare time.
Anyway back to range of emotions.  I also found out that our hardship leasing permit was denied by the Board at Avenue.  We've always done the right thing and put our name on the leasing list when we started dating then listed my condo for sale when we got engaged.  We're the only couple that met at Avenue and is getting married.  We have two condos one floor apart.  We HAVE to get rid of one.  Or at least rent mine.  But we got denied.  We are not happy.  There's a lot more to the story but I'll spare you the details!
On a good note, Kevin sold some land he had and immediately put that money towards his business.  So that was awesome news!
Kevin came home from work and I came home from a Chi O meeting at 8pm. He said, let's use our Dandelion coupon and walk downstairs for a drink and dinner. So we did. Trying to savor every last moment of being able to walk everywhere we go!
We shared a sampler of Oktoberfest beers then each decided on the one we wanted.  Kevin got the Duck Rabbit and I got the Sam Adams. 
The trio of spreads is always amazing.  Highly recommend.  Hummus, roasted red pepper and pimento cheese with warm pita bread.
It was a really fun impromptu evening out, just the two of us.  Since we literally hadn't caught up and had real conversation about what's going to be going on the next two weeks for us, it was great to both be on the same page.  Like he didn't know I had set up all kinds of appointments at the new house etc.  We've both just been too busy.  So this was good, really good!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I get to pick up my niece this afternoon for her to spend the weekend in Charlotte!  We have all kinds of fun plans!  I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!


LuLu said...

Love the new Lilly top! What are you going to take your nIece to do?

erica said...

Oh my goodness you two are the cutest!!!! xo

I Do Declare said...

Impromptu dates are the best dates!

Dee Stephens said...

UGH.. on the rental :(
I know your frustration with not being rid of that place. BELIEVE ME!! I'm 3-years into of STILL not being rid of my single pad :(
BTW - love your shirt!
Enjoy your weekend.

Jess said...

Congrats on moving, but I bet it is hard after you've had so many great experiences and memories there. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that packing is easy and not stressful. :)

Emily said...

what a yummy dinner!! and congrats to Kevin on selling the land!! hope yall have had a wonderful weekend!!

Glitterista said...

Super bummer on the leasing permit. :( Glad you two got to have a date night!