Monday, October 15, 2012

Anna Kate's Weekend In Charlotte

What a wonderful weekend we had with my niece, Anna Kate!  I met my SIL halfway and picked her up around 1:30 on Friday.  We went to Kevin's office first!  She had to see him and help him work!
We had a special appointment to go to Sky High - a place filled with only trampolines and a couple foam pits.  It was so fun!
Kevin took us to dinner at Liberty for some soft pretzels! 
Then of course a trip to Target was in order.  Anna Kate loves two things - Target and the Mall.  She asked me multiple times all weekend if we could go to both again and again and again.  A lil lady after my heart!
A lil girl overlooking a big city.  She thought we were in a hotel!  She loves to call where we live "a tower."  "I'm going to stay in the tower," she says!  Then she asks if we can go down to Kevin's "room." 
The next morning, we went to Kevin's "room" to snuggle, eat breakfast in bed and watch Strawberry Shortcake!  Then she and I rode the train!  That was a big deal!  Not sure she knew what to think with all of the random people!  That lil doggy is her purse, duh!
Next stop - Children's Library.  We checked out 5 books and read them all that night before bed!
Next stop - Disney on Ice!  Ariel was essential!  She held Ariel the rest of the weekend.  PRIZED possession (as it should have been ha!). 
Cotton candy of course...
Snow cone in a snow white container - of course!  Auntie will buy her anything!
Ready for the show to begin!
Very exciting!  She sat on my lap the entire show!  I loved every minute of watching her grin ear to ear and clap along with the characters!
Next stop - picking Kevin up at the condo and driving over to the Blues, Brews and BBQ festival!  Told yall Ariel went everywhere!
She is obsessed with Kevin! 
We came back for a lil break at my condo where she ate Ritz Crackers with peanut butter in bed.  She is the Avenue Princess!!!
Avenue lobby waterfall is pretty cool!
How cute is she on my balcony?!  Eating an entire thing of lifesavers at once that Kevin gave her....oh my...
Then we walked over to the 4th Ward Oyster Roast.  We twirled, listened to music and ate saltines!  Ha!
We had dinner at Alexander Michael's then headed home!
Reading in bed time!
Next morning - cooking Kevin breakfast!  She cracked every egg herself!
Then she helped me pack some boxes.  She wrote everything that was in this box on the outside.  Very helpful!
Then it was time to go meet her Daddy halfway!  I was so sad for her to go.  We miss her so much already!
I have a new appreciation for mothers, for sure!  It's 24/7 like my friend Ashley says!  Even when I was asleep, I wasn't really asleep, I was worried about if she was awake or needed anything.  My SIL taught me all kinds of things like to stick a lil index card in her pocket with important phone numbers in case she got lost.  I kept one in her pocket the whole time even though she was attached to my hip every second.
We had and I can't wait for her to come back again soon!  Thank you to her Mama and Daddy for sharing her all weekend! 


Miss Southern Prep said...

What a fun weekend! When I was about that age, I use to love going to stay with my aunt! She and her fiancé lived in the same condo building, but in separate condos, of course, and I would love to visit with them! I have the best memories of going to stay with her--she only had one kid's movie and one kid's book at her house, so I'd watch and read the same thing every time I stayed with her, but they're now two of my favorites! And she would do so many fun things with me, like mani/pedis and going to see movies, just like you and AK! It seems like you're such a fun aunt!

Dee Stephens said...

That is a crazy, busy, fun weekend! I bet she LOVED Disney on Ice! I can't wait to take Shelby :)
I bet she's ready to come back!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

How fun!! She's adorable! It looks like y'all had the best weekend together. She's old enough to remember that forever too.


MHM1314 said...

ahhhh my heart is swelling with happy jumpities over this and all the adorable pictures! It makes me miss Princess Z so much! It's so fun having a kid around, particularly one so cute and fun!

The Gallup Family said...

So much fun! Which ice show did you two see? I'm taking my daughter to one soon...just wondering. So special you got to spend a weekend with her. It looks like you both had a blast!

erin - heart in ireland said...

so fun! that looks like a great weekend and such cute photos!

LuLu said...

You are such a sweet aunt! I had dinner at Liberty fri also, must have just missed you! Btw, she is precious!!!!

Glitterista said...

You can tell just how happy and excited Anna Kate was in every picture! That trampoline place sounds like such a fun stop for kids, and I can't wait to someday have someone to take to Disney on Ice. ;)