Friday, October 7, 2011

Triple Date with Chili, 1.5 years

Last night we had our usual triple date with Emily & Brett and Wendy, Josh & Brooklyn.  It was my turn to host so I made Chili and The Bread.  If you've never made Pioneer Woman's The Bread before, you're missing out!  I only make it when we have guests but it is SO good and goes perfectly with soup.

And for dessert I made A. Liz Adventure's Pumpkin Crisp.  Yall, it was soooo good.  I highly recommend this for having friends over or if you have to take a sweet to a party.  Super easy and something different.  Everyone loved it....probably more than The Bread and the chili haha!  My friend Kim gave me the Boo things so I stuck those in there for fun.

The Yankees played last night and Josh & Wendy are from there so they're huge fans. Brett is also from up there but he is a Mets fan. They like to pick on each other about the teams so J, W & B wore their Yankees gear!

We love getting together with you all.  If anyone wants to see the other times we have had hot dates, click here, here, here, here, here, here.  I'm sure I've missed some but these are a majority!  As you can see we love hanging out and it's pretty cool how we all know each other.  I explained that in this post

Oh and a super cute thing by Kevin....last night we were cleaning up after everyone had left and he asked me to guess what today was.  Not knowing, I asked him what.  He said wellllll something big is happening in 1.5 years from today!  I got SO excited....yesterday was 1.5 years til our wedding day!  How presch is it that Kevin thought of that?!  He's always been the better one with remembering special dates for us.



  1. Awwww, sweet Kevin!

    I'm so happy you and your guests loved the Pumpkin Crisp. It's addictive, right?! (and if you have leftovers, it makes a great breakfast with some coffee)

    What a pretty baking dish that is!

  2. The pumpkin crisp looks so yummy!

    I'm your newest follower and I looove your blog! Check mine out when you get a chance and follow back if you like!

    xo Julia @

  3. yay kevin!! so sweet :) and that pumpkin crisp looks amazingggggg..must try it asap! xoxo

  4. aw that's too cute! sounds like such a fun night!