Friday, October 14, 2011

Random Friday

1.  Happy Friday!

2.  We went down to Kevin's parents home last night to have one more dinner with Brittany and Joe before their baby comes.  We got to give them our gift which was all the lil things on their two registries.  Who ever buys those ya know... but they are necessary!  So we loaded up a big ole bag full and gave them probably 10 or 15 of those things!  (Almost) family can do that sort of random gift giving.  ;)  Of course I had to stick a monogrammed diaper cover in there.  Interlocking font, white thread on white covers.  Presch.  If you haven't given this as a gift, you must.  But don't give it to any girl babies I know! :)  Anyway, Kevin's sweet Mama made chili, salad, coleslaw and garlic bread.  Delish!

3.  Ran with Tara and Lauren this morning.  Missed Kristen today but she's doing a mud run tomorrow that she's saving her energy for.  We were only going to do 3-4 but ended up doing 5.5 miles.  Why does that always happen?  Ha!

4.  SUPER excited for Anna Kate's birthday party tomorrow.  I'll fill yall in on Monday! 

5.  Tonight we have plans with some of our neighbors to go to the Wine Loft in the South End area of Charlotte.  Should be fun as usual!


  1. Monogramed diaper covers are a must, and it doesn't hurt to have more than one. :)

  2. Monogrammed diaper covers--so cute! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!