Friday, October 21, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Who has begun their Christmas shopping?

Call my crazy but I started back in September and I'm almost finished!

How/why do I do it?

All year long when I think of something for someone, I put it in my phone in a list I keep.  If I don't have something for everyone as it gets closer, I use downtime (sitting in an airport, running, traffic) to think of gift ideas.

Then, I go shop.  Mostly during lunch since I work across the street from all the good shops and mall in Charlotte.  I do a little at a time so it isn't as heavy of a hit on my debit card in December!  Plus, it makes it much more fun!  I also find that I buy more thoughtful gifts for people instead of running out last minute and being rushed to find something.

And yall know I mostly only shop at a few places....and my main one wraps the gifts too.  Ah-mazing.  Yes, they have red and green tissue paper and ribbon now!  Maybe your local shops do too!

Those are my secrets to a stress free holiday season.  Go make your list and start shopping.  Come December 1st, you'll be glad you were done in October.


  1. OMG - I still haven't finished Halloween costume yet! You are so ahead of the game. I need to pick up on this tactic - its def. less stressful and crowded around this time of year ;)

  2. Wow, you are incredible!!! Maybe I can pick up a few things this weekend!

  3. This is the first year I've been ready before Christmas, and it feels fantastic!! I still need major gifts for TEN, but other than that...I'm done :) Every year I say I'm going to get started early, and I never do. This year I did exactly what you said...writing down my thoughts, and then when I have a chance going out and getting those things!

  4. AH! I feel like I am behind all of a sudden. I'm using my college town as an excuse because there is literally NO shopping! But I do keep a list in my phone (and even take pictures of the items if people mention them when we're out together shopping). I need to be like you & shop early!

    PS: After our email exchanges I went back home, the jeans were the J.Crew Skinny ones, not matchstick! Sorry!

  5. you are so funny. I actually JUST started thinking about xmas presents today!

  6. Although I'm not nearly as organized as you, I also shop early. Actually - I shop all year for the holidays. I have a "gift closet" to store the goodies until they are ready to be wrapped and put under the tree! This is a great method to ease the stress of the holidays - and the pain on your bank account! :-)
    Have a fabulous weekend! XOXO

  7. I'm almost finished too! I have a lot to make/put together yet. But I have my list nearly completed and the shopping closer and closer to being completed daily. I plan to finish the buying part in the next few weeks.

    My yearly goal to be totally finsihed by Dec 01 so we shall see. By far my very very favorite part of Christmas is wrapping. I am so strange! Ha.

  8. You are so good!! I feel the same way-I'm someone that puts a lot of thought into gifts rather than just buying something and I also will buy things as I see them if they remind me of someone. My problem, however, is that I'm always so excited when I find something that I give it to the person right away and don't have the willpower to save it until Christmas!

  9. I've done a bit of christmas shopping already (to be fair that's because we thought we were celebrating christmas in November with some of ICs fam). But this is a very good idea!

  10. This isn't crazy at all! I really should start now because I'm seeing some great potentially Christmas gifts on sale.

    You're so lucky to work across from a bunch of shops :P

    BTW, love your blog and just starting following. Looking forward to reading more posts soon! LICO, Brittany.

  11. I have not bought one thing yet. Ridic.

  12. love hearing about your strategy! It sounds like the best way to get thoughtful gifts instead of rushed last minute ones!

  13. Oh my. I haven't even begun to think about Christmas yet

  14. Love your tips! I'm going to do the phone list. I keep other lists so might as well add that too!

    I have a few ideas but need to get started shopping!
    The task I need to get started on is Christmas cards!

    But now working in retail, I think I'm going to hate December...