Monday, October 3, 2011

Dinners, Get Togethers, 2.5 Years

We had lots going on this weekend.  We started out with dinner at PF Changs on Friday night with Kevin's parents and brother.  We didn't get home until pretty late so we regrouped a bit from the week. 

Saturday morning Tara and I ran 7 miles then I came back and did some cooking.  That evening we went to Kim and Jeff's home for a nice dinner.  We loved spending time with them and we got to see their adorable nursery for Jack.  It's all nautical and has lots of whales.  I should have taken a picture.  Here is her dining room.  She made a fantastic low country boil and also kaluha ice cream.

We came back from their house and had to stop by two other get togethers.  One a birthday for our friend Misty and another to watch the end of the Clemson game.  The night ended with a dance party at one of our neighbor's home. 

Sunday we watched football and got ready for a surprise 40th anniversary party for Kevin's parents at their church.  Aren't they presch?  We had a ball planning and getting it together and I think they were pretty surprised!

This morning started for me at the gas station in my heels and pencil skirt attempting to put air in my tires.  I made them all the same and the light still won't go off.  (PS - I know yall are impressed I know how to do this....Kevin taught me last time this happened).  I have to take it to the dealership today for another quick thing so they said they'd fix this for me too.  Sometimes my car is just too smart and these are run flat tires that I have so who knows!  Sweet Kevin and Dad both called this morning on my way to work to be sure I was still alive haha!
So my Monday started with some greasy hands but it's okay, just another adventure.

And today is 2.5 years with Kevin.  It's actually been a lil longer than that but today is the official day! ;)  We'll be celebrating with leftover spaghetti from last night's party! 


  1. Sounds like an exciting weekend! 40 years, love it! My parents celebrated 40 years this year too!

    Wanted to let you know that I am hosting a Graphic Image giveaway over on my blog:


  2. What a sweet anniversary surprise! And they look SO in love. Too cute.

    Sometimes when the weather changes drastically, as ours has been doing in the Queen City, my tire pressure alert symbol comes on. You may want to check it around noon today when it's warmer and see if it went off. Good luck!

  3. That was so sweet of you to help plan an anniversary surprise for your future in-laws! Congrats on 2.5 years! :) Hope you have a less adventurous rest of the day!

  4. Wow sounds like quite the adventurous weekend! The baby nursery sounds so precious. I hope to one day be married for 40 years, such a grand accomplishment! and of course, congrats on 2.5 years!

  5. I have to get my tires inflated or just get new ones today too. Whomp! Hello Monday!

  6. Yay for 2.5 years!

    I'm sure Kevin's parents enjoyed their party - my parents 30th anniversary is today!

    And aren't tires annoying? I had a slow leak in one of mine where I had to put air in it every 3 days.

  7. I had the most frustrating tire story a couple years ago--I kept pumping more air in my back tires (bc the panel said both my rear tires were low), and finally found out after saying that CANNOT be right when I got new tires that the sensors hadn't been changed when my tires were rotated, so my rear tires had tons of air, but my front was low. Thank goodness nothing bad happened!