Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last Weekend, This Week

Last Friday night after work, some of our neighbors and us took the train out to the Southend area and checked out some new places.  First we went to Icehouse for dinner, then Wine Loft and we ended up at Liberty.  It was nice because we got back uptown at a normal time and we weren't out too late.  Always good times with them!  Jenn and David woke up really early the next morning and flew down to Mexico for the week...lucky ducks!

 - This week, I'm trying to learn how to say no and not over commit.  I always think everything sounds so fun to do and next thing I know, the next 8 weekends we are commited to doing things.  Sometimes I need to learn that we need weekends just to do things we need to do.  Yall know what I mean?  Ahh it's so hard to say no though!

 - Got a run in at lunch on Tuesday.  It felt good to get out there during the day and the weather was mid 70's and perfectly sunny.  Those 5 miles definitely gave me energy to get through the rest of the work day and I got to run in Southpark which is back to my old stomping grounds where I used to live.  It was a nice change from uptown running!  Hilly for sure!  Yes we have a gym and showers in our building at work!

 - Kickball was canceled again last night due to rain.  It's been canceled more this season than we've played.  Bummer!

 - Kevin hasn't felt the best this week....he has come down with his usual Fall crud.  He finally listened and started taking meds right at the beginning so hopefully he'll be back to normal soon!  ;)

 - I emailed with a photographer for our April 2013 wedding this week...she is ALREADY booked.  Seriously yall, this is what we're up against in Charlotte!


  1. Wow, already booked? Thank goodness you have time to find another photographer and hopefully you have great luck with your other vendors.

  2. She's already booked? That's absolutely insane! I have the hardest time ever with overcommitting. I have the hardest time saying no!

  3. I have a few references if you're interested. They are out of High Point, but I'm sure would be willing to travel to Charlotte.
    Learning to say no, was the best lesson I taught myself. Good luck, because it's hard to do!

  4. best of luck with your vendors!!

    learning to say no is a really hard lesson i'm stil trying to learn. if you have any tips please let me know :)

  5. Let me know if you are looking for photographers. The guy who took my sister's wedding pictures was really great, I will gladly get his name. I know it is one of the things my sister "splurged" on so I am not sure about pricing.

  6. Ah, I'm the same way about planning things. If I get too much on my schedule it makes me feel like I have no time/that the month is already over because everything is so planned out. I've luckily gotten better at insisting that some weekends need to just be free to relax and get things done!

  7. I always over commit as well! On weekend when I should be resting, I can't help but say yes to all the invites I receive! I need to cut back!