Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthday, Boat Show, Triple Date, Mall and Shred

Hope yall had a great weekend!  We were busy but it was a good time!

On Friday afternoon, it was in the upper 70's so I got a good run in, showered up and headed down to Kevin's hometown.

Since we were in California for his birthday, his parents wanted to have a little get together!  We stayed down there until almost 11pm.  Always good times!

Saturday morning we worked at the boat show for Allstate.  Kevin and I make a good team on stuff like this because I'll walk up to talk to anyone and he is really thorough in his knowledge and also able to talk to any body.  Hopefully some of his new leads pan out!

Saturday night we had dinner with two other couples at Firebirds in Southpark.  L to R - Jackie, Benny, me, Kevin, Jenny and Brad.  Random how we all know each other but Benny and I were in civil engineering together at NC State and he's one of my "country boys" (as I call them).  Jenny and I were sorority sisters at school.  Brad and Benny are also roommates.  We had been talking about getting together so we're glad we finally did it.  After dinner we went to Pacos Tacos to watch the NBA dunk contest!

On Sunday, Kevin and I went to the mall to walk around and get a few things.  Afterwards we came back and Fran came over.  We had a lil cocktail hour then we ended up doing the 30 day shred!  It was too funny!  Fran had gotten the Robinson tote from Tory Burch and wanted to see what I thought about it for a tote bag.  It is absolutely adorable!
Oh and Fran was out and about in Charlotte on Friday night and saw Emily Maynard from the Bachelor at the bar.  She told her how proud everyone in Charlotte is of her.  Fran said she was absolutely stunning in person as well! 

Hope you all have a fabulous week!


Dee Stephens said...

Drinking then working out? WTF? haha!

Jo said...

I'm with Dee ~ you had cocktails then worked out? I'm impressed! :)

You had a busy weekend and had much more fun than me.

PS Try Michaels for limes. For some reason, they have a lot of fake fruit.

Suz said...

Love that photo of you & Fran shredding it up! Glad dinner was fun friend! I 2nd Michael's for the limes.
PS Did you see my photos of Jenny's triplets on the blog! So much fun seeing them!!