Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Anna Kate

Today I'm traveling to the Norfolk and Richmond areas for work.  Will be back tomorrow!

Meanwhile, I hadn't shown any pictures of my niece Anna Kate in awhile and I received these a couple days ago!

She was out riding her Dora bike!!

Cruisin' around the neighborhood!

And look who found her Mama's earring!  Haha!!  BTW, she doesn't have her ears pierced!
She is too cute! 


Jo said...

Annie she is just adorable! Lovin the sunglasses and grin ~ so sweet.


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

She is so adorable!!! I know you enjoy spending time with her. Have a good trip even if it is for work. Love & blessings from NC!

Lexilooo said...

ahhh, love the earring photo!

DSS said...

She is too stinking cute! I'm babysitting my BFF's 2 kids tonight, and I can't wait!! No doubt there will be TONS of pix taken :)