Thursday, February 17, 2011

California - Last Day - LA

Last California post - I promise!!!  And yes, this one has lots of pictures but shows a ton of cool things we saw!  ....including something from my favorite TV show!

The next morning we had to check out where the big event had been held!  This is also where the Golden Globes are!  This is the room, it's pretty large!  You can see the stage on the back right.

Call me crazy but I had to see the ladies room!  Think of how many famous ladies have been in here!  This is the entrance - all mirrored!

It is all this coral marble - so pretty.  This is the lounge area.

While I was checking that out, Kevin went backstage and saw this!  It was the lineup of who played the night before!  WHOA!

Amazing right?!

Then we headed out to see the LA sites.

Downtown LA.

Then we headed to Malibu and drove up into the mountains to find......The Bachelor house!  Yall I was freaking out I was so excited! 

The front gates were closed off so we couldn't go down in there to see the front entrance but this was a good shot of it from down the road.  It's kinda in a valley and there is a big horse farm down the way.  There were dumpsters out front so they are probably renovating it....I think it's for sale too.  So cool and Kevin was so sweet to go with me to see that!

Then we headed to Paradise Cove which is where Baywatch was filmed (or so we heard).

And of course we had to see the Hollywood sign...this picture isn't in order...sorry!

Never had In-N-Out before so that was essential.  So bad for you yet so tasty. 

Santa Monica was gorgeous!

Could have done without Venice Beach.  Maybe we just didn't see the nice areas or something.

The neighborhoods in Beverly Hills were awesome.  We drove through a lot of them. 

Had to see Tory Burch right off of Beverly Boulevard even though there is one right across the street from my work haha!

Then Kevin saw these cars that were awesome in his terms.  We came about The Ivy in the background which is a popular restaurant to see stars.  Paparazzi was across the street taking pictures of someone. 

The view of the hotel from our balcony.

The sunset from there was pretty neat!

Then we went out to dinner at Rock Sugar....a pan asian bistro.  This was kinda our last hurrah and we pretended it was our Valentines dinner too.  Kevin got the Princess Shrimp and I got Caramel Chicken.  Seriously this was an amazing meal.  They said the owners are part of Cheesecake Factory but this is the only Rock Sugar so far.  They are looking at lucky ducks!

Kevin just had to take this picture and send it to my Dad with the caption, "if this isn't high maintenance, I don't know what is."  He is soooo funny....or thinks he is!  ;)  More on the brown bag later....

There was this adorable Sperry advertisement in the Century City shopping development.  And yall know how much I love goldens.

The Beverly Hilton has a "house car" which is a mercedes suv.  Umm, no we don't mind if you take us to the restaurant.  Thank you!  Haha!

Back at the hotel.  Cute story about Kevin - we browsed through Bloomingdales before dinner and while I was looking at shoes, he went and asked the lady if he could have a few bags because his girl liked them so much.  Too cute.  So now I have every size of the brown bags.  ;)
We flew out Valentines morning back to the East Coast.  It didn't really feel like Valentines to us because we traveled most of the day but we did exchange a lil somethin somethin when we got home.  I'll have to tell yall about that later today!  :)

Thank you guys for reading my looooong posts about California.  I'm excited to have my blog as a scrapbook of our trip!  Let me know if you'd like to see the other 400 pictures and I can send you a link!

Happy Thursday!


Dee Stephens said...

Looks like Kevin is a keeper for sure!

Lexilooo said...

what an amazing trip!

D @ The best things in life said...

So i realize that it is anmnoying that i am commenting on every Cali post but i gotta! ;) Looks like you guys had so much fun here! Venice is not my thing either! You are not the only one!

Preppy Pink and Green Puppy said...

I loved reading about your trip! All your pictures made me feel like I was your other travelling companion. ;-)

Maryland Magnolia said...

I've never really wanted to go to L.A., but after seeing your pictures, I think that a trip to CA is a must :) Glad that you had such a great trip!

DSS said...

In N Out Burger = Mmmmm...

I seriously need to travel with you folks. I've been to LA before, and I've not see 1/2 the stuff you guys did. Clearly you are excellen travelers :)