Thursday, July 23, 2009

North vs. South

There is a reason I live in the south, other than the weather. People are NICE down here. Every week, it is always such a relief to come home, not have to listen to those northern accents and hear people say "please" and "thank you."

Yesterday was quite the adventure in NY, NJ and PA. Flew into Laguardia around 10am. Of course everyone else in First Class stared at me because they didn't think I, a 26 year old GIRL, in jeans, belonged up there with them in their dark business suits. Well, well!! We arrived and I waited 30 minutes for my rental car bus to pick me up. Now, you have to remember, I'm used to Newark, Baltimore, Philly, Boston - all the normal places where the Hertz bus flies through to pick you up and you're off and you bypass the counter and you're in your car. Yesterday was out of the ordinary because Hertz had no cars so i was stuck slumming it with the common people at Enterprise. :) It took another 30 minutes for them to check over the car for scratches, make me sign a bunch of junk and ask me a million questions. It's fine, I told myself. I get in and see there is no EZ Pass. Oh my. I ask the woman why it isn't in there - "Enterprise doesn't do that." Well, after this whole escapade of an experience, I now know why Enterprise doesn't keep up with the business travelers. Business travelers don't have time to wait an hour to get a car or to wait in the EZ Pass cash lines. Ahh! Whatever, I'm over it, but I'm not renting from Enterprise again at Laguardia!!!
Here is a picture of the site I looked at in Dickson City, PA!

The round trip six hour drive out and back into the City was alright but just a cluster of rude people. I don't understand why people don't let other cars over in front of them! I can pretty much hang with the best of them when it comes to driving in big cities because I have realized that as long as you are in front, you have the right-of-way. In other words, so long as you "establish position," you're typically good to go. Ha! I got to come home early last night which was a nice treat. Caught the 7:00pm flight instead of the 9:40 so i got back to Avenue at 9:30 - very nice. Met Kevin and some neighbors at Stoolies for a quick drink. While we were there, it stormed like crazy and Church Street in front of it flooded. Check this out:

Tonight at Alive After Five, the Blue Dogs are playing. They are my second favorite beach music band (second to Chairmen of the Board). Should be a good time!

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  1. The Blue Dogs aren't a beach music band...